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Session A5 - Geometric Integration and Computational Mechanics

July 12, 17:30 ~ 18:00 - Room 111

Geometric integrators and optimal control for real-time control of robotic systems

Marin Kobilarov

Johns Hopkins University, United States   -

This talk will focus on geometric integrators and trajectory optimization of physical systems consisting of rigid bodies and actuators such as propellers, joint motors, or wheels. Since the integrators in general are implicit, the time-step is chosen in order to guarantee convergence. Therefore, even with a large time step one could preserve properties such as momentum conservation while still being able to solve the system dynamics correctly. These integrators are then used for optimal control, using a projected stage-wise Newton method which using standard regularization and line-search techniques provides a locally optimal solution. The methods are applied to robotic systems including aerial and ground vehicles, resulting in millisecond run-times suitable for on-board implementation.

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