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Session A4 - Computational Geometry and Topology

July 10, 15:30 ~ 15:55

Local Topological Convergence of Grain Growth Systems

Jeremy Mason

Ohio State University, United States   -

Most materials are composed of individual crystallites or grains joined along a network of grain boundaries. The grain boundary network is dynamic, with an evolution governed by an energy that is directly proportional to the surface area. This system is experimentally and computationally observed reach a dynamic steady state known as the grain growth microstructure that is defined by the convergence of all scale invariant quantities. Surprisingly, precise values for all but the most basic of these quantities are not known, and even the existence of the steady state has yet to be proven. This talk describes our simulations of grain boundary network evolution, and the use of local topological convergence to more precisely define and establish the existence of the grain growth microstructure.

Joint work with Benjamin Schweinhart (Ohio State University, USA) and Robert MacPherson (Institute for Advanced Study, USA).

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