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Session A2 - Computational Algebraic Geometry

July 10, 15:30 ~ 15:55

Subresultants in multiple roots

Teresa Krick

Universidad de Buenos Aires & CONICET, Argentina   -

I will introduce Sylvester sums for univariate polynomials with simple roots and their classical connection with polynomial subresultants (that can be viewed as a generalization of the Poisson formula for resultants), and then speak about the search of analogous expressions in the case of polynomials with multiple roots, with motivations and examples.

Joint work with Alin Bostan (INRIA Saclay Ile de France, France), Carlos D'Andrea (Universitat de Barcelona, EspaƱa), Agnes Szanto (North Carolina State University, USA) and Marcelo Valdettaro (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina).

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