Conference abstracts

Session A1 - Approximation Theory

July 10, 18:20 ~ 18:55

Data assimilation and sampling in Banach spaces

Przemek Wojtaszczyk

ICM University of Warsaw, Poland   -

We present a new framework to interpolation in general Banach spaces. It is based on recent study on data assimilation in the context of reduced basis method see Binev, P., Cohen, A., Dahmen, W., DeVore, R., Petrova, G., Wojtaszczyk, P.: {\em Data Assimilation in Reduced Modeling}, SIAM UQ. Our framework unifies in particular the earlier approaches to sampling using point values and Fourier coefficients.

Joint work with Ron DeVore(Texas A&M University, USA) and Guergana Petrova(Texas A&M university, USA).

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