Western Mediterranean Oscillation (WeMO)

(Martin-Vide and Lopez-Bustins, 2006)



The proposal of a new regional teleconnection pattern, the Western Mediterranean Oscillation (WeMO), is only defined within the synoptic framework of the western Mediterranean basin and its vicinities. The suggested areas are the Po plain, in the north of the Italian peninsula, an area with a relatively high barometric variability due to the different influence of the central European anticyclone and the Liguria low; and the gulf of Cádiz, in the southwest of the Iberian peninsula, often subject to the influence of the Azores anticyclone and, episodically, to the cut off of circumpolar lows or to its own cyclogenesis. The transect linking both areas matches more or less to the coastline of the basin’s northwestern quadrant, that is to say, a large part of the eastern façade of the Iberian peninsula. The main reason of its definition is due to the poor relationship between the eastern Iberian façade rainfall and the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO). Following the classical methods used to create other variable low-frequency pattern indexes, it was decided to use two specific observation points for the calculation of the WeMO index (WeMOi): one for each dipole area, with some of the longest barometric series in Europe, Padua (45º24’N-11º52’E) in the north of Italy and San Fernando (36º28’N-6º12’W) in the southwest of Spain. Both barometric series were collected at daily time scale within the framework of the European project IMPROVE (Camuffo and Jones, 2002).





The WeMOi has been applied at daily time scale to heavy rainfall events with very satisfactory results (Martin-Vide and Lopez-Bustins, 2006; Martin-Vide et al., 2008). Actually, the daily WeMOi has been also applied to other climatic variables:

- Convective rainfall (López-Bustins and Azorín-Molina, 2004).

- Sea-breeze occurrence (Azorin-Molina and Lopez-Bustins, 2008).

- Urban Heat Island (Lopez-Bustins et al., 2006).

Moreover, WeMOi has been already correlated with the sunshine variability (Lopez-Bustins and Sanchez-Lorenzo, 2006) and winter rainfall trends in the Iberian Peninsula (Oliva et al., 2006; Lopez-Bustins et. al., 2008). 

The WeMO features were developed in a PhD about the WeMOi application to the Catalan Countries rainfall variability (Eastern Iberian Peninsula) by Joan A. Lopez-Bustins. PhD supervisor: Javier Martin-Vide.


  Monthly WeMOi data (1821-2013): Microsoft Excel File (.xls) / Text File (.txt) 

Temporal evolution of the WeMOi in winter (December, January and February) along the 1821/22-2012/2013 period with a 5-year running mean



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