The Climatology Group (University of Barcelona) is a consolidated research group since 1997, named by the Generalitat of Catalonia (2017SGR1362). It is composed by a multidisciplinary team (predominantly geographers).

The Climatology Group has focused its research activities in the following areas:

  • Probabilistic analysis of the precipitation with different temporal resolutions at the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Study of synoptic patterns and low frequency variability of Western Europe and the Western Mediterranean basin.
  • Analysis of climate variability at scales from decades to several centuries, including climate change.
  • Study of climatic changes for urban causes, especially the phenomenon of the heat island in Catalan cities.
  • Statistical analysis and overview of episodes of heavy rainfall and droughts in Spain.
  • Regional climatology and climate atlas.

The coordinator, Javier Martín Vide, along with other members of the group have participated as principal investigators and researchers in several European, Latin American, Spanish and Catalan projects.

Some of the most important projects are: ADVICE (Annual to Decadal Variability in Climate in Europe), IMPROVE (Improved Understanding of Past Climate Variability Daily from Early European Sources Instrumental) COST-733 (Harmonisation of Weather Types and Applications Classifications for European Regions), ESPON-Climate National Plan and other R & D.

Team members are teaching academic degrees in Geography and Environmental Science and also different masters studies; especially the Masters in applied climatology and media co-directed by Javier Martín Vide.