Research areas

I. Analysis and probabilistic rainfall

– Probability distributions

– Persistence days with precipitation

– Concentration Index

– Rate of temporary irregularity

– Fractal dimension

– Markov chains

II. Synoptic weather patterns and low-frequency variability of Western Europe and the Western Mediterranean basin

– Synoptic classifications (subjective Jenkinson & Collison, multivariate analysis)

– Western Mediterranean Oscillation (WeMO)

– Types of weather

– Weather forecast

III. Climate Variability and Climate Change

– Climate Variability

– Climate Change

– Historical Climatology

– Evolution of the amount of sunlight and the amount of precipitation

– Global Change, Environment and Sustainability

IV. Urban climatology

– Urban Heat Island (UHI)

– Climate in health care

V. Climate risk

– Drought

– Heavy rainfall

VI. Regional climate

– Iberian Peninsula and Mediterranean climates

– Climate of Spain

– Climate of Catalonia

– Climate Atlas