Version 3.4.2 - April 2016


GCAI, Grup de Conducta Adaptativa i Interacció, Adaptive Behavior and Interaction Research Group.

Universitat de Barcelona, Spain.


MovAgent Project - PSI 2009-09075
ColMotion Project - PSI 2012-32007
MoFish Project - PSI 2015-63743-P

Author: Vicenç Quera

Graphical Windows interface: Axel Guillaumet

MovAgent is an agent-based simulation program that generates flocks in a 2D or 3D virtual world. Simple dyadic interaction rules are implemented: ideal distances between agents vary as a consequence of the outcomes of their interactions (Flocking Synthesis Rules). A flock or school may emerge (depending on the parameters set by user) when those rules are applied locally, massively and repeatedly.


The program performs cluster analysis at each time step of the simulation in order to segment the group of agents into subgroups according to their interdistances. It computes indices at each time step to quantify the extent to which the agents move in a coordinated way (index of flocking or schooling behavior) and the extent to which specific individuals lead the groups (index of hierarchical leadership).

See References for details about the model.

3D simulation sample:



2D simulation sample:



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