This year it is celebrating the 125th anniversary of the "Plano de Huesca" of Dionisio Casañal and the Archivo Municipal of the city has prepared an exhibition to present it. 

About this map, made in 1891, is necessary to highlight its detail (he worked mainly in scale 1:500) and its state of conservation (the sheets can be consulted aquí). In fact, it has been an instrument of essential work for management and planning of the city during a lot of years and it is consulted yet (consult web of Archivo Municipal).

The inaugural talk "El plano de Huesca de Dionisio Casañal (1891)" runs by José Luis Villanova Valero, member of GEHC and commissar of the exhibition. It will take place November 10 at 19:00 h in the Salón azul of the building Círculo Oscense (Pza. Navarra, 4).

The exhibition will be opened until November 27.

For more information you can download the triptych.