The National Geographic Institute (IGN) has renovated his web and improved the access to old cartography. There are different types and they can be reached by different ways. 

  • The Map library: it allows access to the catalogue of old cartography that it is in the map library of  the IGN, most scanned and georeferenced. Some maps can be displayed through viewers with comparison tools and others over a virtual globus.
  • Old map web services: They can be displayed over map,  the WMS of first edition of MTN50 and the WMS of planimetries 1:25.000 of MTN proyect. There are available tools of comparison. 
  • Download center: It allows the discharge of old geographical documentation, that makes reference to backgrounds of Technical Archive (handwritten minutes of planimetries, altimetrías, plans of populations and bases of buildings, and documentation of the formal delimitation of municipalities,  scanned printed maps (which encompassed much of the institution´s production throughout its history) and flight frames and othophotos (including flights since the 1940s).