The map collections of the Cambridge University Library have more than a million of references of the world from 15th.  

It also makes a range of activities with the aim of knowing better the library, its contain and the world of ancient cartography.The next months you can find:  

  • Landscapes Below exhibition dedicated to history of geological cartography, opens until March, 29.
  • Seminars about history of cartography. The next, with the title título Michael Alexander Gage and the mapping of Liverpool, 1828–1836, will be made by Paul Laxton on February, 27. The next will be Eric´s Wolever on May, 1 with the title The cardinal points and the structure of geographical knowledge in the early twelfth century.
  • The organised visit in the Collectors’ Evening will be directed by thel Map Collectors’ Society (IMCoS) on April, 12 and 13. Also, attendants can visit, among different places, the Polar Museum and Whipple Museum.