The organisers of the internacional simposium Mapping Empires – Colonial Cartographies of Land and Sea makes a new call for papers  (see pdf here) to participate in with contributions (papers and posters) focus on research about cartography centrados en la of Africa, Asia, Oceanía and the Americas, related to exploration and imperial activity, cnot only 19 century, but 18 century and 20 century. 

Remember: the simposium will take place in the Weston Library of Oxford in September, from 13 to 15, and it is organised by the Comisión sobre Historia de la Cartografía of the Asociación Internacional de la Cartografia (ICA), the Comisión sobre Cartografía Topográfica, also of ICA, and the Bodleian Libraries of Oxford University.


  • March, 1 2018: contribution submission
  • March, 31 2018: acceptation

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