The Vinland map is a controversial and famous world map because it would show the arrival of navigants to America in 11th century. It is accepted that it is a fake but it continues being an issue of interest. 

John Paul Floyd, a Scottish researcher interested in weird books and erudite mysteries, has just published A Sorry Saga, a new glance about the parchment that it is at Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library in Yale University. He has followed the traces of the map, which appears in 1957 thanks to an italian librarian that linked it to the robbery of ancient manuscripts of the Library of the Zaragoza Cathedral. 

It seems that the parchment over the drawn was made is effectivity from mid-15th century and it comes from a robbery. The author of the fake, according to Floyd, would be a jesuit cartography that was convinced about the viking arrival to America before Columbus and he was to link it with Catholic Church against the Nazi propaganda. 

The interview with John Paul Floyd is in Fine Books & Collections.