One of the greatest pleasures of being lost between files and bookshelves of an archive is to find something unexpectedly.  

This is the case that happened to our mate Bárbara Polo, who identified some fragments of a manuscript copy of Ptolomeo over parchment kept in the blank pages of a libro de fábrica (bind collection of accounting documents) of 17th century in the Capitular Library of Burgos Cathedral.

These fragments are a copy of the Ptolomeo´s Geography that was translated to latin, in 1409, by Jacopo di Angelo da Scarperia. In the  article published in the Journal Imago Mundi, Bárbara Polo, together with Chet Van Duzer, conclude that these fragments have their origin in the workshop of Piero del Massaio, an usual copyist of Ptolomeo´s Geography of mid 15th century, and which could be property of Juan Rodríguez de Fonseca, closer collaborator of Catholic Kings and one of the first creators of colonial politics in America.