The Diccionari de mapes parcel·laris i agrimensors a Catalunya(segles XVIII-XIX) prepared by the Grup d'Estudis d'Història de la Cartografia (GEHC) is now available for consultation.

This dictionary aims to be a contribution to the study of a professional group that has carried out an important cartographic, statistical and geographical work in Catalonia: that of land surveyors, canadors, destradors or geometers. They are the heirs of a documented practice in Catalonia, at least, since the end of the 13th century. The main thrust was received from the implementation of the Bourbon Cadastre from 1716.

At this time we start from information regarding 350 maps and 427 authors of the eighteenth and nineteenth century collected from 489 bibliographic references.

For authors and bibliographical references, literal searches can be performed. For maps, you can opt for the literal search using place names or the map search.

The basic information that has allowed to build this dictionary has been the historical documentation gathered by different members of the GEHC throughout three research projects subsidized, between 2001 and 2011, by the 
Dirección General de Investigación. The ambition of the dictionary is to continue enriching itself with the results of new research and also with the contributions that we want to be sent through the Contacte section.