The fourth volume of The History of Cartography collection is now on sale. The index is available at The University of Chicago Press Books.

This 1920 page volume with over four hundred encyclopedic entries has been edited by Mattew H. Edney and Mary Sponberg Pedley.

It's dedicated to cartography during the illustration era, offering: "... an overview of the cartographic practices of Europeans, Russians and Ottomans, both at home and in overseas territories, from 1650 to 1800".

GEHC members have contributed the following entries:

Joan Capdevila Subirana:

  • Boundary Surveying in Spain (p. 212-213)

Francesc Nadal Piqué:

  • Administrative Cartography in Spain (p. 78-82)
  • Topographical Surveying in Spain (p. 1482-1485)

Vicenç M. Rosselló Verger:

  • López de Vargas Machuca, Tomás (p. 750-752)

Let's remember that volumes 1, 2, 3 and 6 can be downloaded for free here.