In the latest issue of the periodical publication Treballs de la Societat Catalana de Geografia, a series of texts compiled by Francesc Nadal, coordinator of the Grup d'Estudis d'Història de la Cartografia (GEHC), has been published in the Notes i Documentació section, with the title Diccionari de mapes parcel·laris i agrimensors a Catalunya (segles XVIII-XIX).

This work presents, in a more extensive and detailed way than on the website, the Diccionari de mapes parcel·laris i agrimensors de Catalunya (segles XVIII-XIX) that the GEHC launched in mid-February (see news) . Surveying in Catalonia during the 19th century is discussed to focus later on how the development of the Diccionari has been carried out, which "... proporciona informació sobre 249 mapes parcel·laris municipals corresponents a 185 municipis catalans diferents, aixecats, entre 1849 i 1897, per un petit exèrcit format per 74 agrimensors."

In the same publication you will also find two more pieces signed by members of the GEHC: