On September 2, a GEHC representation visited the exhibition Mapes, País, Futur by the hand of our colleague Carme Montaner, who is the organiser.

We already gave news of this exhibition when it started. The centenary of the exhibition organised by the Centre Excursionista de Catalunya in 1919 is commemorated. Many of the maps are the same as those on that occasion. The objective of the exhibition was to provide the cartographic documentation that would facilitate the drawing of a new territorial division of Catalonia into regions, called comarques. You can download the catalogue prepared by the Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya here.

The exhibition closes on September 13. It has had a journey marked by the health emergency that we are suffering this year: with the confinement it had to be closed until July and then it had to adapt to the new situation, especially in its final part, which refers to the most recent technological developments applied to collect and display geographic information, and that it used many interactive components.

With this visit, the GEHC launches the new course.