The Cartography History Study Group (Grup d’Estudis d’Història de la Cartografia, GEHC) is preparing, in collaboration with the Insititut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya, a new colloquium with the title City and territory in Spanish cartography: a historical perspective. The event will be held on June 9 and 10, 2022.

The Cartography History Study Group has dealt with in previous colloquia the central theme of the history of urban cartography. The present colloquium is dedicated to one aspect of this cartography: that which relates the city to its nearby territory, in such a way that its field of study is broadened towards cartography at a regional level. It would try to analyse the cartographic production resulting from the relationships between the city and its territorial environment. Examples of this type of cartography would be communications maps (railways, roads ...), drinking water supply, sanitation, environmental planning (prevention of natural risks, protected areas ...), port and airport spaces, administrative districts of all kinds derived from the urban authority, strategic military with a wide territorial scope ...

As in previous colloquia, an attempt will be made to better understand the scope of this type of cartography, the causes that motivated it, the cartographers and institutions involved in its elaboration, as well as the cartographic techniques and language used. A knowledge that constitutes, in our opinion, an instrument of great interest for those geographers, architects, urban planners and historians interested both in the knowledge of the history of cartography and in that of the transformations of the landscape of cities and their surroundings.

Save the dates! We will keep you informed.