"L'ull del temps" is a tool developed by BetaPortal, of the Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya (ICGC) that presents the territory as it is currently and how it was at 1945 (or 1956 to choose) moving the mouse on the screen. You can change the background order and the year of display of old photographs display.  

It is a wonderful example about how it is possible to create stunning tools with web technology of open code and imagination. 

The direct access to the application is http://betaserver.icgc.cat/visor/catalunya_ull_del_temps.html and you can know more in  http://betaportal.icgc.cat/wordpress/catalunya_ull_del_temps/

This year it is celebrating the 125th anniversary of the "Plano de Huesca" of Dionisio Casañal and the Archivo Municipal of the city has prepared an exhibition to present it. 

About this map, made in 1891, is necessary to highlight its detail (he worked mainly in scale 1:500) and its state of conservation (the sheets can be consulted aquí). In fact, it has been an instrument of essential work for management and planning of the city during a lot of years and it is consulted yet (consult web of Archivo Municipal).

The inaugural talk "El plano de Huesca de Dionisio Casañal (1891)" runs by José Luis Villanova Valero, member of GEHC and commissar of the exhibition. It will take place November 10 at 19:00 h in the Salón azul of the building Círculo Oscense (Pza. Navarra, 4).

The exhibition will be opened until November 27.

For more information you can download the triptych.

Until November 11th  it can be visited the exhibition ‘Mapping our Past’ in the Fine Arts Gallery, Casemates Square, in Gibraltar.

The exhibition is organized by Gibraltar National Archives and shows a selection of ancient cartography, as physic as digital format.  

More details and the exhibited maps can be consulted in the web.

The municipal library network of Chambéry, capital of the French department of Savoya, is making an interesting arrange of activities that link cartography and voyages. 

The main idea is the exposición «Agrandir le monde. Cartes géographiques & livres de voyages (XVe-XVIIIe siècle)», that can be visited until the 14 of January. The exhibition treats, between Middle Ages and XVIII century, about the way in what Europe has built the World map through the history of explorations and scientific progress. It talks about studious people that enhanced  the measurement work, soldiers and kings that wanted to conquer new territories, compromised explorers with amplifying the known world by Europe, opening the way to new lands.

At the same time, there is talks, screening, spectacles...You can see it at exhibition web and in the digital programme.

The Grup d'Estudis d'Història de la Cartografia (GEHC) and the Museu d'Història de Barcelona (MUHBA) will organise the cycle of conferences Models a la cartografia urbana espanyola: una anàlisi historic between 2 and 4 of February of 2017 in Barcelona.

The event pretends to make a clarifying contribution, thanks of main experts in the materia about the evolution of Spanish urban cartography from identification and description of the four traditions that, between XVI and XIX centuries, have produced most representations of cities.For this reason, the cycle has been organized in four  parts:

  • Sights of cities.
  • Urban militar topography.
  • Urban cadastral planimetry.
  • Urban cartography. 

The talks will take place at Sala Martí l’hume of the Museu d'Història of Barcelona.

The entrance is free with previous registration. 

The programme  and registration form is available in conference´s web.

The Museo Naval will hold, between October 25 and 27 , the LIII Jornadas de Historia Marítima, dedicated to the scientist and soldier Antonio de Ulloa.

During the talks it will be gone over different aspects of his life and work, among which we remark his participation,with Jorge Juan and Santacilia, in the French geodesic mission, directed by Pierre Boggier and sponsored by Sciences Academy of France, with the aim of measuring the arch of a meridian near of Quito (Ecuador).

The conferences will take place at 18:00 p.m in the Salón de actos del Cuartel General de la Armada C/ Juan de Mena 7, Madrid.

The entrance is free until full capacity. 

For more information the next link.

The Commission about History of Cartography of International Cartographic Association (ICA) has renovated its presence on Internet through its new web: http://history.icaci.org/

It has still parts in development, by it promises to be a valuable source of information. 

The Sociedad Geográfica Española (SGE) has prepared, dduring October, a cycle of four conferences related to historical aspects of Cartography, his relationship with its exploratory activity, with the art world, its geostrategic role and the current link  to new technologies:

  • October, Thursday 6: Geoestrategia digital, mapas y naciones. ¿Son inocentes los mapas?, by Francisco Gan Pampols
  • October, Thursday 13: PINTORES DEL MUNDO: la participación de artistas en la realización de mapas, by Sandra Sáenz-López
  • October, Wednesday 19: Cartógrafos exploradores: la emocionante historia del trabajo de campo, by José Antonio Rodríguez Esteban
  • October, Thursday 27: Nuevas cartografías del mundo. La revolución Google Earth, el Big Data y la democratización de la cartografía, by Sergio Álvarez Leiva

The conferences will take place in Sala de Actos de la Fundación Ramón Areces at 19:30.

More information here.

From 4 of November of 2016 to 1 of March of 2017 it can be visited the exhibition "Maps and the 20th Century: Drawing the Line" in the British Library.

As of own deposits, the exhibition reviews the great themes and the more significant episodes of the XXth century based on the maps that explain them: two World Wars the arriving of the man to the moon, digital revolution. Since the daily facts to more unusual and remote. 

Not for nothing, the last century has been the more cartographic production. 

More information about the exhibition here.

The respective book, edited by Tom Harper, can be pre-arrange here.

The Working Group of Spanish-Portuguese public libraries of maps (Ibercarto) will meet in Barcelona the next 29 and 30 of September.

The theme of the meeting is the management of Map´s libraries in a interconnected world.

Communications will be organised in four sessions: 

  • Innovations in Geographic Information Catalogues. 
  • Digital Content Management. 
  • Documentation standars.  
  • Exhibitions and dissemination of cartographic heritage. 

The program is now available [link].

Inscriptions and further information, consult the web of the event [link].