El geocartographic laboratory “Giuseppe Caraci” from Departamento de Studio Humanístico dell´Università Roma Tre, in collaboration with the Centro Italiano para el Studi Storico-Geografici,organizes April 7 and 8, 2016 the tenth edition of Historical-cartographic study seminar " Dalla mappa al GIS".

The central theme is the territorial project in source materials in archives, i.e. the importance of research and sources found in the archives and used for the study and understanding of territorial dynamics and individualization, analysis and solution of the problems presented today.

The themes cover a variety factors such as the diachronic approach of old maps; the contribution of GIS in the historical and geographical field and which intervene Meritxell Gisbert Traveria; the protection and improvement of the environment; the socio-economic development and university geocartographical laboratories to support teaching and research.

The next Tuesday 15, among 16:30 and 20 h, in the Museo de Historia de Barcelona (MUHBA) it will take place the seminar "La construcció de la carta històrica de Barcelona" with the aim to explain and discuss about a new digital tool that the museum wants to star up.  

It is a web of maps about History of Barcelona, since Iberian Era until XX Century , mainly made and georeferenced since Ancient cartography of the city. It has been called Carta Històrica de Barcelona.

The event will be in the Carreras Candi room (MUHBA Plaça del Rei).

It is recommended a previous reserve by phone 93 256 21 22 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can know more by flyer.


Until the next 2 of May it can be visited the exhibition "Made in Algeria, généalogie d'un territoire" in the MuCEM (Musée des Civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée) of Marsella.

The exhibition is organised in colaboración with L´Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art and Bibliothèque Nationale de France. It is set up by more than 200 pieces among maps, pictures, photographs, films and ancient documents. 

The cartography is the main as proof of the French colonial adventure, which started with the landing in Sidi Ferruch in 1830. Maps were not only necessary to discover a unknown territory,  but to invent a new space and give to know. As organizers say, to the colonial making of a territory. 

from the exhibition it has made a catalogue with unpublished texts by Nacéra Benseddik, Hélène Blais, Daho Djerbal, François Dumasy, Nadira Laggoune, Zahia Rahmani, Jean-Yves Sarazin, Nicolas Schaub, Todd Shepard, Fouad Soufi and Sylvie Thénault.

In the web also it can be made an interactive visite in  different thematic areas and download a pedagogical dossier.

The “gvSIG Chair” continues with his activity with the goal of consolidate a meeting point for these persons who are interested in the free geospatial technologies in the third- level education, secondary education and vocational training.

A central part of the Chair is the dissemination of the free geospatial technologies through social networking, with the objective of creating a shared knowledge environment.

That is why we announce the “2nd gvSIG Chair Contest”, with the aim of promoting the use of the free geospatial technologies and encourage to all gvSIG and Geographical Information Systems users to share and give visibility to their jobs.

It is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the application of GIS to the study of the history of cartography and the use of old maps. 

The deadline is November 1st

For more information, you can access the official website.

The Washington Map Society call the 2016 edition f the prize Dr. Walter W. Ristow for academic works related to History of Carptography. 

Te prize is addressed to university students (degree students, Phd and post-doc-one year) from everywhere.

It must be presented an article an article about History of cartography that it has not published yet,  in English and not more than 7500 words (notes included, pictures and tables excluded).

The limit date for presentation of works is the 1 of June of 2016.

The prize is compunded by 1.000$, the publication of the work in The Portolan - Journal of the Washington Map Society and a year of belonging to Washington Map Society.

More information in Ristow Prize.

The GEODE Laboratory (UMR 5602 CNRS) organises in October of 2016, 12-14, an International Colloquium in Toulouse (Université de Toulouse Jean Jaurès, Maison de la Recherche) whose core idea is «geohistory of environment and landscape».

It will be done a special mention to contributions related to geohistoric perspectives applied to areas of natural risk (inundations, rockslides, flash floods...) and also issues related to vulnerability. Fluvial geohistory can be tackled since its contribution to paleohidrology and the evolution of uses. The geohistory contribution to knowledge and the working of ueban spaces in relation with environmental dynamics is expected too. El City/river coupling will have a remarkable place. Also, contributions in issues as forest geohystory, litoral or mountain will be taken into account.

The proposals (English, French or Spanish) have to be sent before 31 of March of 2016.

More information in the website.

 The Societat Catalana de Geografia invites you to play to Geographic quiz (Geoquiz).

Show your knowledge in the area of Geopraphy and get our prize.

Day: 23 of February of 2016

Hour: 16:00

Place: Facultat de Geografia i Història. Universitat de Barcelona.

Free activity.

Information and enrolement: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Fundación Juan Negrín will restore of cartographic material of the person that was Defense Ministre during the years of Spanish Civil War. This material is compound by hundred of war and campain maps, mainly of the Battle of Ebro. They are maps elaborated by Sección de Operaciones del Ejército Republicano that show the distribution of troops and position of different fronts. Painted by ink, formats are odd.

By now,  the Cabildo de Gran Canaria is doing the restoration and digitalization of documentary collection. This entity has been which, with the granddaughter of  Negrín, Carmen Negrín, has worked in the recovery of a documentary collection about 150.000 documents, majority of them unpublished of researchers. 

More information in the published new by Fundación Juan Negrín (link), by Europa Press (link) and by Noticanarias (link).


Manuel Madrid García, professor of Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche, will impart this Friday a webimar about georeference of Ancient Cartography with the free software gvSIG.

The webimar, titled "Georeferenciación de cartografía histórica con gvSIG", will take place at 11:00 UTC (look at here for timetable sinchrony depending on the area) and it can be followed in live through the channel YouTube of teacher innovation´s service of UMH.

The participants of webinar will can make questions in live and comments throught the hashtag #georrefgvsig.

Undoubtedly, the interest in being able of overlaping Ancient Cartography with the current or different ancient maps together, to make easy the diachrony study of territory´s evolution . The georeference is the technique to make it and SIG the essential tool to make it possible.

More information in blog del Máster en Valoración, Catastro y Sistemas de Información Territorial.

The  Llibreria de la Diputació is pleased to invite you to the 14th colloquium "Parlem de...", colloquium´s cycle where current issues of local worls are discussed, opened to citizens.

In this occasion the publication that  will be presented is  El mapa com a eina de govern: centenari de la creació dels serveis geogràfic i geològic de Catalunya (1914-2014) and laterly it will be opened a debate related to this topic.

Sr. Francesc Xavier Forcadell, general coordinator of Diputació de Barcelona will present the act. Sr. Jaume Miranda, director of l'Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya and Sra. Carme Montaner, head of Unitat de la Cartoteca de l'Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya, will take part in.

Sr. Josep Ramon Mut, deputy chief of Urbanisme i Habitatge de l'Àrea de Territori i Sostenibilitat de la Diputació de Barcelona will close the presentation.

Wednesday, January 27 at 18.30 h in the hall of l'Edifici Can Serra de la Diputació of Barcelona (Rambla de Catalunya, 126).

By capacity reasons, we call for confirmation of attendance sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..