Gisbert Traveria, Meritxell

  • Departament de Geografia Humana
  • Universitat de Barcelona
  • c/ Montalegre, 6 08021 Barcelona
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Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, Bages, 1987. She graduated in Geography from the Universitat de Barcelona (2009) and became an Advanced Technician in Geographic Information Systems through the LIGIT -UAB-(2011). Since January 2013, she is PHD student hired as FPI (Formación de Personal Investigador-Training of Research Personnel-) in the Universitat de Barcelona of the project “Urban cartography in Spain (18th-19th centuries): the role of city councils and military organisations” financed by the Dirección General de Investigación y Gestión del Plan Nacional de I+D+i. The thesis that she is currently carrying out is entitled “Cartografia i transformació del territori entre l’Antic Règim i la Revolució Liberal: el paper de la família Soler” and is being directed by Francesc Nadal (UB) and co-directed by Emanuela Casti (UniBg). In April 2014, she became second in the Prize Lluís Casassas i Simó organised by the Societat Catalana de Geografia and the Institut d’Estudis Catalans for the project “Cartografia i gestió de l’aigua: els plànols del Canal de la Infanta de Tomàs Soler i Ferrer i Joan Soler i Mestres (1838-1852)”. Since the academic year 2014-2015, she helps in teaching the subject Geographic Information Systems, which is taught in the Geography Degree in the Universitat de Barcelona. From January until March 2015, she developed her thesis studies in the Università degli Studi di Bergamo (Italy) and in September of the same year, she joined the Societat Catalana de Geografia as the seventh spokesperson.