Capdevila Subirana, Joan

  • Área de Fomento
  • Delegación del Gobierno en Cataluña
  • c/Bergara, 12, 4 planta - 08002 Barcelona
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Joan Capdevila Subirana (Montmajor, 1966) has a degree in Physics (1988) and in Geography (2003) from the University of Barcelona, and he gained his PhD in Geography (2012) with the thesis " The delimitation of the spanish-french border (1659-1868)".

He entered the Corps of Engineers Geographers of the State in 1992 and for twenty years directed the Regional Service of the National Geographic Institute in Catalonia. Currently its activity is linked to planning and infrastructure.

In the field of history of cartography he is interested in modes of production and representation of territorial boundaries, in urban mapping and in the evolution of the application of digital technology in the preservation, production and map publication.