Rosselló i Verger, Vicenç M.

  • Departament de Geografia
  • Universitat de València
  • c/ Montalegre, 6 08021 Barcelona
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Obtained his degree in History (1958) and doctorate in Geography (16/09/1963) at the University of Valencia where he was associate professor. After working as Geography Professor at the University of Murcia from 1967 to 1968, in 1969 he joined the University of Valencia, where he was appointed dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities (1975-76), Director of the Publications Service (1979-84), and vice-rector for Extramural Studies and Students (1981-84). Since 2002 he has been emeritus professor, and taught on a regular basis until the year 2007. From the approximately three hundred titles published to date, four main lines stand out statistically:

* Coastal geomorphology (with particular attention to albuferas and quaternary evolution), 70 articles and 6 books

* Urban geography, especially topographical evolution, 24 articles and 5 books

* Catalan toponymy, 32 articles and 3 books - Historic cartography, especially of the Valencia Region and of the Balearic Islands, 33 articles and 5 books