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Tomàs Vidal Bendito


Tomàs Vidal Bendito is professor of Human Geography at the University of Barcelona. A disciple of Jean Bisson and Joan Vilà Valentí, his degree thesis was on the evolution of agriculture and rural property on the island of Minorca and the doctoral thesis on the rural depopulation of Catalonia. He obtained his doctorate in 1974 at the University of Barcelona with a thesis about the demographic transition in Catalonia. A specialist in population geography, he is the author of numerous publications on migratory movements, demographic transition and techniques for demographic analysis. He has done work in thematic cartography and directed the publication of the Atlas Socioeconòmic de Catalunya (Barcelona, 1980-1981). In recent years he has taken part in diverse research projects into the history of cartography, centring his research on the territorial evolution of the island of Minorca and the construction of its cartographic image.