The exhibition is called with the suggestive name title "Quando l’Italia disegnava il mondo. Tesori Cartografici del Rinascimento Italiano" and it can be visited in the Palazzo del Podestà - Museo del ‘500 (Piazza Alta / Città Alta) of Bergamo, between 16 of April and 10 of July.

It is organised  by  l'Associazione “Roberto Almagià”, Fondazione Bergamo nella Storia and Biblioteca Civica Angelo Mai e Archivi Storici Comunali.

There it can be seen 74 printed maps published in Roma o Venecia between 1525 and 1575, the top of "edat d'or de la cartografia del Renaixement italià". They are rare or unique models, generally unreachable to public: 3 planispheres, 3 of territories of Africa, 4 of asian territories, 4 of american territories, 21 of territories of Europe, 5 of Italian Peninsula, 29 of italian areas and 5 of urban sights. 

In this way, the organizers have pretended to recreate, with pieces from different partners, an atles lafrerià, although only temporally. 

Also it has been published a catalog of 230 pages. More information in the web CISGE and in Libreria Antiquaria Perini.