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The Intellectual and Cutural History Group of Studies (GEHCI), directed by Dr. Jordi Casassas, professor of the Contemporary History Department at the University of Barcelona, was founded in the year 1989. Since then the GEHCI has worked to create a space for historical reflection, debate and research into subjects related to cultural history.
The main concern of the group has been the study of Catalan and professional intellectual sectors connected in particular to the Spanish problem and Europe in general. From 1998 the GEHCI has supported a Network of Mediterranean Cultural History. In this investigation framework, the GEHCI publication, ''Cercles'. Cultural History Magazine' helps us to get to know the research team and its members, to open communication channels and some other spaces of production as well as debate and, especially, to promote the knowledge of the wide range of Spanish scientific production along with that of some other countries, stimulating the interchange of arts and ideas between different research groups.



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Get to know 'Cercles', the magazine edited by the Intellectual and Cultural History Group of Studies (GEHCI), all the numbers even the latest ones.


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