Departament de Genètica 


Josep Francesc Abril
David Bueno
Francesc CebriĆ 
Montserrat Corominas
Marta Morey
Rafael Romero
Emili Saló
Florenci Serras


The central theme and priority objective of the Group of Developmental Biology and Genetics is the study of the molecular, genetic, and cellular bases of embryonic development and regeneration.  As model systems we utilize: planarians (flatworms), Drosophila and chicken.  As concrete objectives, we wonder how, in both processes, the cells go generating (development) or regenerating (regeneration) the morphological patterns and, very especially, to detect and functionally characterize the genes that control the cell activities. The three main lines can be summarized in:

• Platyhelminthes pattern formation and morphogenesis during development and regeneration by means of genomics and proteomics strategies. 

• Genetic, molecular, cell and in silico analysis of proliferation and differentiation during morphogenesis and regeneration of Drosophila.

• Study of the neuroectodermal cells in vertebrate CNS development.