Departament de Genètica 

(ANECA Pathway to Excellence Award)

The Genetics PhD Program represents a commitment by the University of Barcelona to the future of training and research in genetics. It has obtained the "Mención hacia la Excelencia" award from the ANECA and the Ministry of Education, Spain (BOE October 20th, 2011; ref. MEE2011-0321). This distinction is an international reference, and for this reason this PhD program is included in the SIIU (Sistema Intregrado de Información Univesitaria).


The fundamental goal of the Genetics PhD program is to educate professionals with a solid grounding in the newest areas of development biology, genomics, human genetics and evolution, among others. These areas range from an update in human molecular genetics to the most recent aspects of developmental and evolutionary genetics and molecular evolution, with the necessary complements in the area of bioinformatics as well as on the basic tools to carry out advanced genetic analyses.

To attain the above goals, which include possible work in specific areas of the university and in research centers, working in emergent and expanding professions, and in research in private companies, the necessary multidisciplinary knowledge will be provided at both theoretical and practical levels.

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     1. Royal Decree 1393/2007

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Quality awards of the Genetics PhD Program

     •Pathway to Excellence Award 2011-2014 (ANECA and Ministry of Education, Spain;
     BOE 20th October 2011, vol. 253, Sec. III, page 109895)

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