Departament de Genètica 
DNA Structure 
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Teatre-Museu Dali, Figueres 

The Department of Genetics at the University of Barcelona has grown rapidly during the last years, both in the research and teaching areas. The staff members include 10 Full and 18 Associate Professors, which together with the Assistant Professors, postdocs, predocs, technicians and Adminstration personnel make a group of more than 120 people.

The research at the Department includes a wide range of topics, some of them focused on basic science and others with putative practical applications: evolutionary genetics, human genetics focused on the study of pathological traits, developmental genetics, the emergent field of evo-devo, and biotechnology.

The whole teaching represents more than 6000 hours per academic year, with topics implemented in five degrees (Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences) and several Master programs, including the Master in Developmental Biology and Genetics, Master in Molecular Biotechnology, Master in Biomedicine and Master in Biodiversity.



Master in Genetics
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