11th International Planning History Conference: Planning Models and the Culture of Cities

 Location: Barcelona
 Dates: 14-17 July 2004

 The International Planning History Society (IPHS) invites papers and session proposals for its eleventh biennial meeting to be held in Barcelona, Spain, 14-17 July 2004.

 Conference Theme
 The broad conference theme is "Planning Models and the Culture of Cities". The intention is to explore the historical interactions, synergies and conflicts between planning ideals and the diversity of cities. The aim is to encourage analysis of the relations between culture, theory, history, and policy in urban situations.

 Accordingly, the 11th Conference seeks to provide an opportunity that will encourage the participation of urban researchers and practitioners from different parts of the world, especially from Latin America and "Latin" countries in Europe. This will be the first IPHS conference to be held in this cultural realm.

 IPHS is an inclusive, interdisciplinary organisation and global network of scholars and practitioners from such diverse fields as history, architecture, landscape, planning, geography, environment and other social sciences. It seeks to advance scholarship in all these fields, focusing particularly on cities from the late nineteenth century.  Its conferences are open to anyone interested in participating.

 The city of Barcelona provides an interesting setting for this conference. Centre of a region of 4.5 million residents, the city is a stimulating laboratory for the study of culture, urbanism and planning history from the eighteenth century to the present-day. The conference is set against the backdrop of the Universal Forum of Cultures 2004, a major international event being held in Barcelona. (

 Host institution and venue
 The conference is being organised through the Escola Tecnica Superior d'Arquitectura del Valles (ETSAV) of the Universitat Politecnica de Catalonia (UPC). The Conference Convenor is Javier Monclus, Professor of Urbanism at UPC. The main conference venue will be the Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona (CCCB) in the city's historic core.

 Papers are invited on all aspects of urban, regional and community planning. Particularly welcome are papers or developed session proposals dealing with:

 * Cultural heritage and planning models
 * Cultural economy
 * Planning cultures and planning theories
 * Planning and the environment
 * Society and space
 * Urban spaces, landscape and planning
 * Innovation and infrastructure
 * Urban historiography and planning in Latin America

 Regional and comparative perspectives are welcome, as are proposals dealing with aspects of the relations between planning practice and planning history scholarship.

 The official languages of the conference will be English and Spanish. Simultaneous translation will only be provided in plenary sessions and the intention is that the majority of the sessions will be in English. However, for practical purposes, sessions with a clear orientation towards "Latin" subjects could be held in Spanish.

 Submission of proposals
 The Conference Convenor welcomes proposals for suitable papers to be presented at the conference. Submissions must include:

 * An abstract of approximately 250 words, clearly marked with title and participant's name
 * up to four keywords identifying the topical emphases of the paper
 * a brief curriculum vitae on one page stating present position and including address, telephone, and e-mail contact details

 All abstracts should be submitted in English. However, papers could also be submitted in Spanish or Portuguese. In this case an abstract in English should still be submitted. In addition, proposals for complete sessions (thematic grouping of papers and roundtables) are welcome. These should also comprise a summary of the
proposed session with keywords, abstracts for individual papers where relevant, and biographical-contact details for all participants. The Conference Convenor would welcome preliminary discussion of any proposed packaged sessions as soon as possible.

 Proposals should be sent by e-mail, as an attachment preferably in WORD
format to:

 Publishing of abstracts and proceedings
 It is intended to publish abstracts of all accepted papers and summaries of any special thematic sessions in advance of the Conference. This
information will be placed on the web-site and will also be included on the CDRom which will be prepared as forming the official Conference Proceedings.

 Refereeing of abstracts and papers
 All abstracts submitted for consideration will be assessed for their initial acceptability and authors will be invited to submit a full paper which will undergo a formal refereeing process. The following persons of the Advisory Committee will participate in this process of refereeing:

 Arturo Almandoz (U. Simón Bolivar, Venezuela) Coord. Latin America
Robert Bruegmann (U. Chicago, USA)
 Horacio Capel (U. Barcelona, Spain)
 Donatella Calabi (U. Venezia, Italy)
 Robert Freestone (U. New South Wales, Australia)
 Margarita Gutman (N.S. University, New York, USA)
 Jesús Pedro Lorente (U.Z. Zaragoza, Spain)
 Hellen Meller (U. Nottingham, UK)
 José Luis Oyón (U.P. Catalunya, Spain). Coord. Spain
 Antoni Remesar (U.B., Barcelona, Spain)
 Pierre-Yves Saunier (U. Lyon, France)
 Ferran Sagarra (UPC, Barcelona, Spain)
 Dirk Schubert (T.U. Hamburg, Germany)
 Dieter Schott (Centre for Urban History at the U. of Leicester, U.K.)
 Roberto Segre (U.F.R., Río de J., Brazil)
 Joan Vilagrasa (U.Lleida, Spain)
 Mercedes Volait (U. Tours, France)
 Michael F. Wagenaar (F.E.S.U. Amsterdam, Holland)
 Shun-Ichi J. Watanabe (S.U. Tokyo, Japan)
 Stephen V. Ward (Oxford Brooks U., UK)
 Francisco-Javier Monclús, IPHS Convenor (UPC, Barcelona, Spain)
 Manel Guardia, Secretary General of Conference (UPC, Barcelona, Spain)

 All abstracts should be submitted for consideration prior to 1st July 2003.
 Other key dates are as follows:

 * 15th  September 2003: Notification of acceptance of abstracts
 * 15th  November 2003: Final date for the submission of papers for formal 'refereeing'.
 * 15th March 2004: Final date for notification of accepted papers
 * 1st June 2004: Final date for submission of papers in 'print format'

 Registration Fee
 The standard registration fee will be 275 €, reduced to 250 € if paid prior to 1st April 2004 and for all IPHS Members. The registration fee will cover entry to all conference sessions, the book of abstracts and conference proceedings, lunches and teas/coffees. The formal Conference Dinner will not be covered by the registration fee. Barcelona will be the focus of several fieldtrips being planned as part of the conference programme, with delegates being offered a choice. Further details of all these matters will be available on the web-site in due course.

 For the convenience of delegates, block bookings for rooms are being organised with several hotels in Barcelona and UPC Colleges of Residence. Information will be provided on the web-site.

 Conference Web Site
 The conference web site is Please consult the web site for further information updates, concerning registration and accommodation.

 Conference Convenor
 F-Javier Monclus (UPC, Barcelona, Spain)

 Organising and Program Committee
 Manuel Guardia, Secretary General of Conference (UPC, Barcelona, Spain)
 Malcolm Burns, Paper/Proceedings Co-ordinator (UPC, Barcelona, Spain)
 Antoni Remessar (U.B., Barcelona, Spain)
 Arturo Almandoz (U. Simón Bolivar, Venezuela)