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Personal details
name: Antonio P. Russo
date and place of birth:  30 July 1968 Venice (I)
nationality: Italian
address (home): C. Lluçà 17, 4/1a 08028 Barcelona, Spain
address (work): EUTDH - School of Tourism and Hotel Management (Escola Universitària de Turisme i Direcció Hotelera)
Campus de la UAB
08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès), Spain
tel.  ++34 93 5929728 (work); ++34 93 4110405 (home)
mobile  ++34 666 665264; ++39 340 3281107 (Italy)
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1993    BA in Economics, orientation in Urban Economics, University Ca' Foscari of Venice. Degree thesis entitled "Property taxes and land-use in the urban development", promoter Prof. Dino Martellato, Final grade 108/110.
1998    MA in Urban Management cum laude, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam.

2002    Ph.D. in Economics, Tinbergen Institute Rotterdam. PhD dissertation entitled “The Sustainable Development of Heritage Cities and their Regions. Analysis, Policy, Governance”, promoter Prof.dr. L. van den Berg.

Present appointments

Since 1st January 2004 Antonio Russo is visiting research fellow to the School of Tourism, Department of Geography, Universitat Autonòma de Barcelona, Spain.

He continues his collaboration with the European Institute for Comparative Urban Research (EURICUR) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, on a part-time basis.

Since the fall of 2003, he is also appointed as Contract Professor in Cultural Policy at the Free University of Language and Communication IULM in Milan, Italy.


2004: CONSULTANT of the Hydea Group, Florence, Italy, in the project Preparación Segunda Etapa Rehabilitación Centro Historico Quito, Interamerican Development Bank TC-03-01-02-3-EC, 145,000 US$. Fieldwork and reporting for cultural tourism development strategy.

2003-2004:  PROJECT LEADER in the EURICUR international comparative research: The impacts of culture on the economic development of cities, under the aegis of the City of The Hague, with the participation of EUROCITIES/EDURC member cities: The Hague, Rotterdam, Manchester, Edinburgh Tampere, Vienna, Klaipeda, Amsterdam, Bolzano.

2002-2003: RESEARCH ASSISTANT in the project MUTEIS - Macro-economic and Urban Trends in Europe's Information Society - funded by the 5th Framework Program (IST CPA 7 - Socio-economic analysis for the information society).

RESEARCH ASSISTANT in the EURICUR project: Urban strategies for e-governance: a comparative analysis.  Redaction of the case study on the Venice Card in Venice.

2002: RESEARCH ASSISTANT in the project: VENEZIA LABORATORIO DI CULTURA. An enquiry on the economic dimensions of the cultural supply in Venice, with COSES, Venice.

2001-2002:  Consultant to the cities of Auroville (India), Paris (France), Venice (Italy), in the project “City Networking for a Sustainable Future and Human Unity”, funded under the Asia-Urbs program of the European Commission. Scientific supervision and organisation of an international on this topic held in Auroville, India, February 2002, and the establishment of a permanent secretariat for urban sustainability project of South-East Asian cities in Auroville.

PROJECT-LEADER in the international comparative research on The Student City: Strategic Planning for Students Communities, with the participation of Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Helsinki, Utrecht, Lyon, Lille, Munich, Venice, Birmingham.

2000-2001: consultant for the City Administration of Venice, Italy, Dept. of Municipal Museums. Participation to the new strategic plan for the museum network, and elaboration of the business plan for a new virtual laboratory for the cultural heritage of Venice.

1999-2000: RESEARCH ASSISTANT in the «Study Programme on European Spatial Planning (SPESP)» with the Italian Presidency - Dept. of Technical Services and the Ca' Foscari University of Venice. Production of a study on the management of cultural heritage and a list of indicators for the significance and endangering European Cultural Heritage.

Consultant for UNESCO Venice Office in the research project «Tourism Management in Heritage Cities», a joint initiative of Unesco Venice Office, Erasmus University Rotterdam, University Ca' Foscari of Venice, World Tourism Organisation. Project organisation and scientific co-ordination. Fieldwork conducted in the cities of Sochi (RUS), Brugge (B), Tenby (UK), Nazareth (IL).

RESEARCH ASSISTANT in the project «The Visitor-Friendly Metropolis», a project of EURICUR for the EUROCITIES Urban Tourism Forum. Fieldwork conducted in the cities of Lyon, Turin, Rotterdam.

1997: PROJECT LEADER for the co-ordination of the work-groups of Local Agenda 21 at the Municipality of Venice.

RESEARCH ASSISTANT in the project «Guidelines for the good management of Heritage Sites», sponsored by the Italian National Committee for Research, in collaboration with the University Ca' Foscari in Venice.

RESEARCH ASSISTANT in the project «The Application of Telematics to the Tourist Supply of Venice as a Means for a Regulatory Policy of Tourist Flows», sponsored by the R&D Centre of Telecom Italy, in collaboration with ICARE (International Centre of Studies for Art Economics).

1996:  RESEARCH ASSISTANT in the project «Local Agenda 21” for the City Of Venice: preparatory study about the Sustainability of Tourism in Venice», in collaboration with FEEM (Fondazione ENI Enrico Mattei).

1995:  RESEARCH ASSISTANT in the project «Applications of Telematics and Telecommunications in the Italian Tourism Industry», commissioned by Telecom Italy in collaboration with CISET (Centre for international studies on tourism economics) of the University of Venice.

Grants and scholarships

2003:  Scholarship of the Community of Catalunya, Spain, for visiting research fellow (Ajuts per a doctors i investigadors visitants a Catalunya - PIV). 21.000 Euro for 12 months, extensible for other 12 months.

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Professional activities


IULM Milan, Master Course in Strategies for the management of the cultural sector, 25-hour course in Cultural Policy.

Erasmus University Rotterdam, Master of Science in Urban Management, years 1998-2002. Modules in Urban and Regional Economics and City Marketing.
Erasmus University Rotterdam, Bachelor´s Course in Urban Economics and Tourism, years 1997-2002.
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Socrates Exchange Programme, Courses in Tourism, years 2003 and 2004.
ILO International Training Centre, Turin. Master Course in Theory and Methods for Cultural Market Analysis. Economics of Cultural Tourism I and II, years 2003 and 2004.
Master Course in Tourism, UFSIA Antwerp, 2002.
Master Course in Heritage Conservation and management, CUOA Altavilla Vicentina, 2002.

Course in Urban and Regional Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam, years 1996-2001.

Course in Tourism Economics, University Ca' Foscari of Venice, year 1998.

Master Course in Cultural Management, MC&M centre Tecnopolis, Bari, year 1997.

Thesis supervision (recent)
Master (MA.) in Management of the European Metropolitan Region MEMR:
(1999) Ms Marisa de Brito, Thesis entitled: The European Cultural Capital Event: Critical Factors for a Lasting Impact. Awarded 8/10.
Mr Massimiliano Vianello, Thesis entitled: Casino Gambling as an Urban Growth Pole Strategy. Awarded 7/10.
(2000) Mr Gianni Brandani, Thesis entitled:  The role of the industrial tourismin the process of urban regeneration. Awarded 8/10.

(2001)  Ms Agnese Presotto, Thesis entitled: Cultural policies and urban revitalisation projects.European experiences. Awarded 8/10.

(2002) Ms Mariangela Lavanga, Thesis entitled: The relevance and the impact of the cultural and artistic sector on the urban development. Awarded 9/10.

(2003) Ms Wang Xiaonan, Thesis entitled: Strategic Marketing Planning of Tourism Destinations: the Case of Hong Kong. Awarded 6/10.

Ms Michela Semprebon, Thesis entitled: Not only colour: the theory that difference makes. The Governance of  Diversity in Multicultural Europe: a comparative study from the perspective of  local authorities. Awarded 8/10.

(2004) Mr Albert Arias Sans, Thesis entitled: Framing queerness in the post-industrial city. Awarded

Mr Marco Carillo, Thesis entitled: Three European cities and their Audio-visual Industry. From post-industrial clusters to creative milieus?. Awarded .

Ms Giovanna Lombardo, Thesis entitled: The cultural and tourist valorisation of Val di Noto: the definition of a management model. Awarded

Master in Urban Management (UMC)

(2001) Ms Mellyanna Frederika, Thesis entitled: Rotterdam Cultural Capital 2001: Critical factors in attracting people. Awarded 7/10.

(2002)  Ms Maya Damayanti, Thesis entitled: Destination Marketing System in Tourism Marketing. The case of Rotterdam marketing. Awarded 8/10.

(2003)  Mr Alemseghed Ghebrekidan, Thesis entitled: Heritage Tourism and Safeguarding of Built Environment. Awarded 7/10.

(2004) Mr Zsolt Szokolai, Thesis entitled: Cultural tourism in Pécs: potential for development? Awarded …

Anatolia: an International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research
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Refereed publications (Books, Journal Articles, Book Chapters, Edited Books, Invited Papers)

Russo A.P.Crowding, Carrying Capacity and the TALC Model in The Tourist Area Life Cycle: Conceptual And Theoretical Issues, ed. by R. Butler. Channel View Publications, Clevedon.

Go, F.M., Lee, R.M., and A.P. Russo. Managing the Heritage Enterprise for Liveable Host Communities.  In Tourism Management, ed. by L. Pender and R. Sharpley. Sage, London.
2004: Russo, A.P. Portales Culturales: E-Culture para un Desarrollo Sostenible en Regiones Turísticas. Scripta Nova, revista electrónica de geografía y ciencias socials. Vol. VIII, N. 170 (13).
Russo, A.P. La reformulación de una política de turismo cultural mediante el análisis de los grupos de interés: el caso de Brujas In Casos de turismo cultural, ed. by J. Font. Ariel, Barcelona.

Van den Berg, L., and A. P. Russo The Student City: Strategic Planning for Students' Communities in EU Cities. Ashgate, Aldershot. ISBN: 0 7546 4140 6.

Russo, A.P. ICT Cluster study Bari (pp. 55-97) and ;ICT impact study Bari (p. 221-262), in Urban ICT clusters and E-governance policies in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, ed. By A. van der Meer, W. van Winden, P. Woets. EURICUR, Rotterdam.

Di Maria, E., A.P. Russo, G. Zanon and F. Zecchin Venezia Laboratorio di Cultura: Indagine sulla Dimensione Economica dell'offerta Culturale a Venezia. Marsilio, Venezia.

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2002: Russo, A.P. The sustainable development of the heritage city and its region. Analysis, policy, governance. Thela Thesis, Amsterdam.

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2001: Van den Borg, J. and A. P. Russo. L'uso sostenibile delle risorse culturali Europee: strumenti per la pianificazione strategica", in L'Italia nello Spazio Europeo: economia, sistema urbano, spazio rurale, beni culturali, ed. by R. Camagni. Roma: Gangemi.

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1999: Russo, A.P. Venice: coping with culture vultures. In The Unesco Courier, July-August 1999.

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1998: Van der Borg, J., A.P. Russo.;Il turismo sostenibile. In Venezia sostenibile: suggestioni dal futuro. Ed. by I. Musu. Bologna: Il Mulino, 1998.

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Non-refereed publications, Conference proceedings, research reports, and working papers
2004: Russo A.P. and F. di Cesare. Gli eventi culturali per una strategia di "de-museificazione" di Venezia. Insula Quaderni, n. 20, Anno V.
2003: Segre, G. e A.P. Russo. Property Rights for the Developments of Cultural Districts. Paper presented to the XV Scientific Meeting of the Italian Association of Public Economics, Pavia 3-4 October 2003.
Palma, E. , A. P. Russo and L.. Scandale. Il ruolo della cultura nella creazione di un milieu innovativo urbano: il caso di Bari”. Paper presented at the XXIV Italian Conference of Regional Science, Perugia, 2 October 2003.
Berg, L. van den, A.P. Russo, M. Lavanga, T. Cantell. Helsinki as a student city”, in The City of Helsinki Urban Facts Quarterly n. 3, p. 13-16.

Russo A.P. (ed.) City networking for a sustainable future and human unity. Proceedings of the Indian-European cities conference, 25-28 February 2002, Auroville, India.

2002: Zanon, G., E. Di Maria, A.P. Russo, and F. Zecchin. Venezia Laboratorio Di Cultura Indagine Sulla Dimensione Economica Dell'offerta Culturale a Venezia. COSES, Venezia.

Russo, A.P. Cultural clusters and Tourism development: the Case of Venice. In Culture: A Driving Force for Urban Tourism - Application of Experiences to Countries in Transition, ed. by D. A. Jelincic. Institute for International Relations, CultureLink Joint Publications, Zagreb.

Go, F.M., R.M. Lee, and A.P. Russo. Bridging Global Divides: The Heritage Industries as Incubators of Change, paper presented at the International Conference on: The Tourist-Historic city: Sharing Culture for the Future, 17-20 March 2002 Bruges, Belgium.

2001: Van der Borg, J. and A. P. Russo. La visitor-friendliness nelle città di cultura: condizioni per uno sviluppo turistico sostenibile. In Il Territorio, Semestrale di storia, memoria, cultura, fotografia, ambiente. Edizioni del consorzio Culturale del Monfalconese. N. 15: 20-24.

Caserta S., A. P. Russo. More Means Worse. Asymmetric information, spatial displacement and sustainable heritage tourism. Tinbergen Instituut Discussion Paper, n. 2001-035/3.

2000: Russo, A.P. et al. Study Programme on European Spatial Planning: Criteria For The Spatial Differentiation Of The EU Territory, Group 1.7 «Cultural Assets»: Ed. by NORDREGIO, Stockholm.

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Russo, A.P. Sustainable Tourism Development for the Heritage City of Bruges: a stakeholders analysis of tourism policy. Pilot study for the «Tourism Management in Heritage Cities» project organised by UNESCO Venice Office, in collaboration with the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, World Tourism Organisation, Ca' Foscari University of Venice. Rotterdam: Euricur Report, mimeo.

1999: Van der Borg, J., Rumi, G. and A.P. Russo. The visitor-friendly metropolis: a comparative analysis of visitor-friendliness in Lyon, Nantes, Rotterdam, Lisbon, Turin and Birmingham. Rotterdam: EURICUR report, mimeo, 1999.

Van der Borg, J., A.P. Russo, (eds.) Tourism Management in Heritage Cities, proceedings of the First International Seminar, Venice, 18-19 December 1998. Technical Report n. 28, UNESCO Venice Office, 1999.

1998: Russo, A.P. Organising Sustainable Tourism Development in Heritage Cities, EURICUR Paper 1998/2, Erasmus University Rotterdam, 1998.

Van der Borg, J., A.P. Russo, and V. Minghetti. The application of ITT to the Italian tourism industry, working paper CISET No. 02/98. Venice: University of Ca' Foscari, 1998.

1997: Van der Borg, J., A.P. Russo. Un sistema di indicatori per lo sviluppo turistico sostenibile a Venezia (A system of indicators for sustainable tourism development in Venice), Working paper FEEM 06/1997.

Van der Borg, J., A.P. Russo. Lo sviluppo turistico di Venezia: analisi territoriale e scenari di sostenibilità (The tourist development of Venice: spatial analysis and sustainability scenarios), Working paper FEEM 07/1997.

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Invited lectures, presentations at conferences and seminars
2005: VII Coloquio Internacional de Geocrítica: Los agentes urbanos y las políticas sobre la ciudad. Santiago de Chile, 24-27 de mayo 2005. MEMBER OF ORGANISING COMMITTEE.
2004:  VI Coloquio Internacional de Geocrítica: El impacto social y espacial de las nuevas tecnologías de la información y la comunicación. Barcelona, 24 - 28 May 2004. Presentation of the paper: Portales Culturales: E-culture para un desarrollo sostenible en regiones turísticas.

Il Destination Management delle città d'arte: modelli, strumenti e opinioni a confronto. IULM University Milan, 1 April 2004. Presentation of the paper Cultura, turismo e rigenerazione urbana a Barcellona:verso un modello integrato di pianificazione urbana, co-authored by L. Capel-Tatjer. INVITED LECTURER.

2003: 43rd European Congress of the Regional Science Association, Jyväskylä, Finland August 27-30 2003. Presentation of the paper in the refereed sections: The Student City. Strategic Planning for Student Communities in EU Cities, co-authored by L. van den Berg and M. Lavanga.

2002: International Conference on: The tourist-historic city: sharing culture for the future, 17-20 March 2002 Bruges, Belgium. Presentation of the paper: Bridging Global Divides: The Heritage Industries as Incubators of Change, co-author with Frank Go and Ronald Lee.

International Masterclass on: La construcción y Comunicación de la Imagen de Marca de la Ciudad al Inicio de un Nuevo Siglo, Valencia, UIMP, 19-23 November 2001. Presentation of paper: Cultural Clusters and Tourism Development: the challenge of Venice, INVITED LECTURER.

2001: International Seminar on: Culture: A Driving Force for Urban Tourism: Application of Experiences to Countries in Transition, 18-19 May 2001 Dubrovnik, Croatia. Presentation of the paper:Cultural Clusters and Tourism Development, INVITED LECTURER.

The Association of American Geographers 97th Annual Meeting; February 27- March 3, 2001 New York, New York. Presentation of the paper: The bigger the worse? Asymmetric information, spatial displacement and sustainable heritage tourism, co-author Silvia Caserta.

2000: International Seminar on: Tourism Research in Progress, KU Leuven / ISEG, 13 December 2000. Presentation of the paper: Stakeholders Analysis for Sustainable Tourism Development, INVITED LECTURER.

40th International conference of the European Regional Science Association, Barcelona, Spain, August 29-September 1, 2000. Presentation of papers: The 'vicious circle' of tourism development in heritage destinations and The sustainable cultural cluster: Notes on agglomeration, tourism policy and information technologies in tourist cities.

International Seminar on: Innovative Strategies. Culture and Tourism as resources in Urban and Regional Development, Institut für Landes- und Stadtentwicklungsforschung, Dortmund, Germany, 5 June 2000. Presentation of the paper: Cultural clusters and tourism development. The case of Venice, INVITED LECTURER.

11th Biennial ACEI (Association or Cultural Economics International) Conference Minneapolis, Minnesota USA, May 28-31, 2000. Presentation of paper: A Community-Based Analysis of Policy Changes for Heritage Tourism: The Case of Bruges. Discussant in Session F3.

International Seminar TOURISM MANAGEMENT IN HERITAGE CITIES, organised by unesco Venice Office, Nazareth, Israel, February 3-5, 2000. Presentation of paper: Synthetic analysis of pilot studies and comparative analysis; seminar organisation and scientific co-ordination.

International Seminar THE INFRASTRUCTURE OF URBAN TOURISM, organised by namicur - North European Institute for Comparative Urban Research, Barcelona, January 23-24, 2000. Presentation of paper: The Infrastructure for Urban Tourism: a European Model? A Comparative Analysis of Mega-Projects in Four Eurocities, with Leo Van den Berg and Jan Van der Borg, INVITED LECTURER.

1999: Summer Institute of the European Regional Science Association on Tourism Sustainability and Territorial Organisation, Faro, Portugal, 5-9 July 1999. Presentation of paper: The vicious circle of tourism development in heritage destinations: why does it occur and how can it be prevented.

International Seminar on Urban Tourism organised by EUROCITIES Urban Tourism Forum, Lyon, France, 6-7 May 1999. Presentation of the report: The visitor-friendly metropolis: a comparative analysis of visitor-friendliness in Lyon, Nantes, Rotterdam, Lisbon, Turin and Birmingham, with Jan ven der Borg, INVITED LECTURER.

1998: International Seminar TURISMO E SVILUPPO ECONOMICO SOSTENIBILE, Imperia, Italy, May 25, 1998. Presentation of paper: The Strategic Value of the Cultural Sector for the Sustainability of Urban Tourism, INVITED LECTURER.

International Conference CITY AND CULTURE, Stockholm, Sweden, 13-17 May 1998; presentation of paper: The Strategic Importance of the Cultural Sector for a Sustainable Urban Tourism.

International Conference Tourism And Sustainable Development In The Mediterranean Basin, Calvià, Mallorca, Spain, April 17-19, 1997; presentation of paper: A Set of Indicators for Sustainable Tourism Development In Venice.

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Foreign languages and computer skills:

Italian mother tongue. English language: in 1981 "Cambridge First Certificate" mark A, in 1985 "Proficiency" mark C, in 1995 IELTS examination of British Council mark 8/10. French spoken and written (university knowledge). Spanish spoken and written. Passive knowledge of Dutch. Experience with Windows software, SPSS, ArcView.

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