NAME: José Manuel Henriques Simões

DATE OF BIRTH: 23rd December 1955


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Degree in Geography, University of Lisbon, 1979.

Ph. D. in Human Geography, especiality on health and social facilities, University of Lisbon, 1990.

Collaborator of the Centro de Estudos Geográficos, University of Lisbon, since 1976 and Member of the Directing Board since 1993.


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Professor, Department of Geography, University of Lisbon, since 1979.

Co-coordinator of the "Study for the Definition of an Economic Base for the Alentejo Region". CEDRU/Alentejo Region Coordinating Commission (on going).

Co-coordinator of the "On-going Evaluation of the Operational Programme for the Algarve Region". CEDRU/Algarve Region Coordinating Commission (on going).

Participation in the "Development Plan for the Coloane Island - Macao". AT.AT/Macao Government (1996).

Co-coordinator of the "Strategic Plan for the Urban Axis of Leiria-Marinha Grande and the Alta Estremadura Urban System". CEDRU/Association of Municipalities of the Alta Estremadura (1995).

Participation in the "Ex-post Evaluation of the CSF for Portugal: Area of Regional Development". CEDRU/General-Directorate of Regional Development, Ministry of Planning and Territorial Administration (1994).

Sectorial Coordinator of the "Evaluation of Operational Programmes of Northern Portugal". CEDRU/North Regional Coordinating Commission (1994).

General Coordinator of the "Study on the Macro-economic and Territorial Organization of Alto Minho: Scenarios and Perspectives". CEDRU/North Regional Coordinating Commission (1993/94).
Participation in the "Economic and Functional Programme for the New Town of Cotai - Macao". AsiaConsult/Macao Government (1993/94).

Sectorial Coordinator of the Ex-ante evaluation of the Portuguese Regional Development Plan 1994/99. CEDRU/DG XVI of the Commission of the European Communities (1993).

Sectorial Coordinator of the Ex-ante evaluation of the Operational Programmes for Portuguese Regions 1994/99. CEDRU/Ministry of Planning (1993).

Sectorial Coordinator for the health facilities of the Analysis and Prospective Study on the Development of Portuguese Regions after 1993. CEDRU/Ministry of Planning (1992/93).

Co-Coordinator of the responsible team for the Touristic Plan of the Litoral Center Region of Portugal. Regio/Center Regional Coordinating Commission (1992/93).

Sectorial Coordinator of the Touristic Development Programme of the Baixo Mondego and Gândaras. CEDRU/Association of Municipalities of Baixo Mondego e Gândaras (1991/93).

General Coordinator of the "Preparatory study for an Integrated Development Plan for the Border Regions of Trás-os-Montes/Zamora - INTERREG Programme. CEDRU/Ministry of Planning/DG XVI - EEC (1991/93).

Sectorial Coordinator of the social facilities (health, education, sport, culture, etc) of the team responsible for drawing up the Regional Land Management Plan for the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon. CEDRU/Ministry of Planning (1990/92).

Participation in several national and international meetings.

Invited lecturer in several universities.


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1996 - Preparatory Study for an Integrated Development Plan for the Border Regions of Trás-os-Montes/Zamora - INTERREG Programme, Fundación Rei Afonso Henriques, Zamora (Spain).

1995 - Traditional Handicrafts and Skills - Courses in the Upper Alentejo, PAOT, Lisbon.

1993 - Social Facilities: health, education and sport, POMO Edition, Lisboa.

1990 - Sport: Territory and Development, Centro de Estudos Geográficos, Lisboa.

1989 - Health: Territory and Inequalities, Centro de Estudos Geográficos, Lisboa.

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