Grup de Recerca de Geobotànica i Cartografia de la Vegetació
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Marc Talavera Roma
Marc Talavera Roma
Home institution: Dept. de Biologia Evolutiva, Ecologia i Cičncies Ambientals (secciķ Botānica), UB
Professional status: Investigador predoctoral
Basic data:

My research is developed in two different, but highly related, subject areas:

On one hand, I am focused on plant ecology, being particularly interested on forest dynamics as a response to global change. I work on the colonization processes of open areas by forest pioneer species, both in the subalpine belt (Pinus uncinata) and Mediterranean areas (Pinus halepensis); through studying reproduction, seed dissemination, and establishment processes as key factors for reforestation.

On the other hand, I am focused on ethnobotany and agroecology, as a tool to mitigate / manage, the landscape, environmental and socioeconomic transformations derived from global change; and also as a tool to promote sustainable rural development. I work on the recuperation of traditional knowledge of plants, and on the evaluation, through experimental crops and participatory workshops, of the benefits that will have (for the environment and economy) the development of new alternative crops based on wild species or old and underutilized crop varieties. Promoter of Eixarcolant Collective.

Also, it is necessary to set up a new way to do research that promotes the participation of society, thus favouring scientific transfer, environmental awareness, and the creation of synergies between scientific community and society.

Grup de Recerca de Geobotànica i Cartografia de la Vegetació
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