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Analytical Chemistry of Quadruplex DNA
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Raimundo Gargallo

Phone: 93 403 91 16
Fax: 93 402 12 33


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Here you will find some stuff about Chemometrics, Analytical Chemistry and Nucleic Acids.


Communications presented in meetings, congresses and conferences:
Seminars at IQAC - CSIC (2018)
Estudi de les estructures G‐quadruplex e i‐motif del DNA mitjançant tècniques espectroscòpiques i quimiomètriquesPresentation (.pdf)
6th International G-quadruplex Meeting (2017)Study of conformational equilibria of G-quadruplex and i-motif structures by means of multivariate analysisPoster (.pdf)
16th Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry (2016)Study of the conformational equilibria of G-quadruplex-forming DNA sequences by means of spectroscopic and chemometric techniquesPoster (.pdf)
5th International G-quadruplex Meeting (2015)Study of the solution equilibria of two i-motif and G-quadruplex-forming sequences found at the SMARCA4 gen
14th Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry (2014) Hybrid hard-soft-modeling of unfolding processes involving G-quadruplex and i-motif DNA structures   Poster (.pdf)
13th Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry (2012) Solution equilibria of two cytosine and guanine-rich sequences near the promoter region of the n-myc oncogene   Poster (.pdf)
Hard-modeling of multivariate spectroscopic data recorded throughout melting experiments of DNA structures   Poster (.pdf)
XVI Euroanalysis (2011) Combination of chromatographic and chemometric methods to study the interactions between DNA strands   Poster (.pdf)
Third International Meeting on G-quadruplex and G-assembly (2011) Study of chemical equilibria involving G-quadruplex and i-motifs by means of spectroscopic techniques and multivariate data analysis methods   Poster (.pdf)
VII Collochium Chimiometricum Mediterraneum (2010) Chemical equilibria studies using multivariate analysis methods   Poster (.pdf)
VII Reunión de Ácidos Nucleicos y Nucleósidos (2009) pH-modulated Watson-Crick duplex - quadruplex equilibria of guanine-rich and cytosine-rich DNA sequences upstream of the c-kit transcription initiation site   Presentation (.pdf)
Workshop on MCR-ALS (2009) Aplicaciones de la resolución multivariante de curvas al estudio de biomoléculas   Presentation (.pdf)
III Workshop en Quimiometria (2008) Resolution methods applied to the analysis of spectroscopic data from bioanalytical processes   Poster (.pdf)
XIXth Slovak - Czech Spectroscopic Conference (2008) Spectroscopic study of non-canonical DNA structures using advanced chemometrics methods Abstract (.pdf)  
11th Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry (2008) Studying the solution equilibria of G-quadruplex region upstream of the B-cell lymphoma-2 P1 by means of multivariate data analysis methods Abstract (.pdf) Poster (.pdf)
Classification of DNA structures by means of chemometrical methods   Poster (.pdf)
VI Reunión de Ácidos Nucleicos y Nucleósidos (2007) Solution Equilibria of the i-motif-forming Region Upstream of the B-Cell Lymphoma-2 P1 Promoter   Presentation (.pdf)
XIV Euroanalysis (2007) Study of the interaction between the porphyrin TmPyP4 and the Thrombin Binding Aptamer (TBA) G-quadruplex   Poster (.pdf)
V Reunión de Ácidos Nucleicos y Nucleósidos (2005) Resolución de la competición estructural DNA cuádruple / dúplex   Presentation (.pdf)
Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry (2004) Three-way analysis of the conformational transitions of nucleic acids using molecular beacons technology   Poster (.pdf)
Extracting biomedical information from gene expression microarray data by multivariate curve resolution   Poster (.pdf)
Application of Multivariate Curve Resolution for the study of folding processes of DNA monitored by Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer   Poster (.pdf)
Data sets:
  In this link you may download a data set of CD spectra corresponding to duplex, triplex, G-quadruplex and i-motif structures: cd_data_set (.rar file)
  In this link you may download a set of functions and datasets for multivariate analysis of data recorded along unfolding of intramolecular structures: HM_melting_intra (.zip file). A brief tutorial is also included. The procedure is explained here.
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