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Analytical Chemistry of Quadruplex DNA
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Raimundo Gargallo

Phone: 93 403 92 74
Fax: 93 402 12 33


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I have co-authored approximately one hundred articles published in international, peer-reviewed journals. Most of them deal with the study of conformational equilibria of nucleic acids by means of spectroscopic and chemometric techniques. Most recent articles describe the solution equilibria of  G-quadruplex and i-motif-forming DNA sequences. Previous research was mainly focused on the equilibria involving homopolynucleotides like poly(C), poly(I) or poly(U) acids, and mixtures of them.Concomitantly to the study of solution equilibria of DNAs, effort has been also focused on the development of chemometric methods, such as the application of multivariate analysis to the analysis of DNA microarray data.

You may find a complete list of all these articles on ResearchGate. From there, you may request copies of them. Also, extensive information about my publications may be found at Google Scholar.


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