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  • International Workshop on the Economics of Parking. On November 28 was held the workshop “International workshop on the economics of parking”. Workshop Program
  • Workshop: On March 4 was held the workshop “Innovations in service delivery”, which include a Scientific Committee from universities in several countries. Program. Call for papers. Press release.

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  • Workshop: On 23 and 24 November was held international workshop “Advances in research on surface transportation: Motorways and High Speed Rail”, which included representatives from universities in several countries. Program.
  • Seminar: On April 30 there was a seminar taught by Antonio di Paolo, who presented his project awarded by the Càtedra Pasqual Maragall. Title: “Bilingual Schooling and Earnings: Evidence from a Language-in-Education Reform”.


antonio di paolo


  • Workshop: On March 12 there was a workshop taught by Robert Cervero (University of California at Berkeley); “Bus Rapid Transit: An Efficient and Competitive Mode of Public Transport.” On March 13 there was another workshop by Robert Cervero; “High-Speed Rail and Economic Development: Agglomeration Business and Policy Implications”.

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  • Workshop: International Workshop on “The Desired and Undesired Effects of Infrastructure and Trasnport Policy Reform”. Barcelona, 29 November 2013.
  • Workshop:  International Workshop on Assessing Universal Service Policies in Latin America . Lima (Peru), 1st of June, 2013. Organization: Joan Calzada (GIM-UB), Jacint Jordana (UPF-IBEI), José Tavara (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú) and Arturo Vásquez (OSINERG).
  • Workshop: Wokshop on Telecommunications Economics. Wednesday March 13th 2013. 08:30. Sala de Recepcions.
  • SimposiumSimposium ”Neither Public nor Private: Mixed Forms of Service Delivery around the Globe”. Thursday the 17th and Friday the 18th of May 2012.
  • Conference and Advanced Seminars : Conference  on Telecommunications on the 8th of February of 2012, and Advanced Seminars on Telecomunications on 9th and 10th of February of 2012.
  •  Workshop on Public Private Partnerships. Thursday May 26th 2011.14:00h. Sala de Graus.
  • Conference on Transport Infrastructure. Monday June 20th 2011. 12:00h. Sala de Recepcions.

GIM Seminars

  • Seminar: Martin Foureaux Koppensteiner (University of Leicester) presents”Life and Death in the Favelas: The effect of violence on birth outcomes”, joint work with Marco Manacorda, Thursday 20th of June, 2013. 13:15. Aula 321 ERE. Joint organization with Pasqual Maragall Chair of Economy and Territory, UB.
  • Seminar: Ramón Núñez Sánchez (Universidad de Cantabria) presents ” Demand uncertainty and overcapacity in Spanish Port Authorities for the period 1986-2005”, Wednesday, April 24th 2013. 13:00. Aula 320 ERE.
  • Seminar: Jose Miguel Abito (Northwestern University) persents “Welfare Gains from Optimal Pollution Regulation “. Monday , March 4th 2013. 12:00h. Aula320- ERE
  • Seminar: Juan Luis Jiménez (Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) persents  “Corruption and local politics: does it pay to be a crook?”. Monday May 14th 2012. 13:00h. Aula 321-ERE
  • Seminar: Miguel Almunia (University of Berkeley) presents “Tax Enforcement Notches: Evidence from Spanish Firms”. TuesdayMay 8th 2012. 16:30h. Aula 320-ERE
  • Seminar: Juan Carlos Martín and Concepción Román present  “Transporte aéreo y alta velocidad: competencia modal, competitividad espacial e integración modal”. Monday February 27th 2012. 12:30h. Aula 321-ERE
  • Seminar: Francesc Trillas (UAB) presents “The effects of surprise political events on quoted firms: the March 2004 election in Spain”. Thursday, January 12th 2012.13:30h. Aula 321-ERE
  • Seminar: David López-Rodríguez presents “Tax Evasion and Bunching at Kink Points”. Thursday, November 17th 2011.13:30h.Aula 320-ERE
  • Seminar: L’Augusto Voltes-Dorta presents “Determinants of airport cost flexibility in a context of economic recession” and  David López-Rodríguez presents  “Distributive Politics and Economic Ideology”. Tuesday, October 18th 2011.
  • Seminar: Maria Ana Vitorino,Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania), presents “Efficiency Gains from Removing Entry and Price Controls: Evidence from a Change in Regulation” (with Katja Seim). Thursday, April 14th 2011. 13:00h. Aula 318-ERE
  • Seminar: Ricard Gil, TBA. Thursday May 12th 2011. 13:00h.

Job Market Seminars

  • Seminar: Paulo Abecasis (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), presents “Divide and Conquer: Targeting in Network Goods “. Monda, February 14th 2011 . 12:30h. Aula 318-ERE
  • Seminar: Filomena Garcia (School of Economics and Management- Technical University of Lisbon), presents “Symmetry-Breaking in two-player games via strategic substitutes and diagonal nonconcavity “. Friday February 18th 2011. 12:30h. Aula 325-ERE
  • Seminar: Caterina Gennaioli (Fondazione Eni Enrico Mettei), presents “Go Divise or Not? How Political Campaigns Affect Turnout “. Friday February 25th 2011. 12:30h. Aula 319-ERE
  • Seminar: Elena Panova (Université du Quebec à Montréal), presents “Informative Campaign Promises “. Thursday March 3rd. 12:30h. Aula 318-ERE
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