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Xavier Fageda


Associate Professor. Barcelona, 1975. B.A. in Economics at the Universitat de Barcelona (1998). MSc in Economics at Warwick University (2002). PhD in Economics at the Universitat de Barcelona (2004). Research Interest: Competition, regulation & privatization, Regional & transport economics, Road Safety. Current position: Associate Professor in Economics, since 2011

  • Publications JCR


    Air transport economics

      • Fageda,X.,Flores-Fillol, R., Theilen, B. Hybrid cooperation agreements in networks: The case of the airline industry. International Journal of Industrial Organization, forthcoming.
      • Abreu, J., Fageda, X., Jiménez, J.L. (2018)  An empirical evaluation of changes in public service obligations in Spain, Journal of Air Transport Management, 67, 1-10
      • Fageda,X.,Suárez, A., Serebrisky, T., Fioravanti, R.(2018). Air connectivity in remote regions: A comprehensive review of existing transport policies worldwide. Journal of Air Transport Management, 66, 65-75.
      • Fageda,X.,Jiménez, J.L., Valido, J. (2017) An empirical evaluation of the effects of European public policies on airfares in islands. Transportation Research-A, 106,288-299.
      • Fageda,X.Jiménez, Perdiguero, J., Marrero, K. (2017) Does market exit of a network airline affect airline prices and frequencies in tourist routes? Tourism Management, 61, 465-471.
      • Bernardo, V., Fageda, X. (2017) The effects of the open skies agreement between Morocco and the European Union: A differences-in-differences analysis. Transportation Research-E, 98, 24-41.
      • Fageda, X., Jiménez, J.L., Valido, J. (2016). Does an increase in subsidies lead to changes in air fares? Empirical evidence from Spain. Transportation Research-A, 94, 235-242.
      • Suau, P., Burghouwt, G., Fageda, X. (2016) Determinants for seat capacity distribution in the EU and the US air traffic markets, 1990-2009. Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie, 107, 48-65.
      • Albalate, D., Bel, G., Fageda, X. (2015) Competition and cooperation between HSR and air transportation in Europe. Journal of Transport Geography, 42, 166-174.
      • Fageda, X., Flores-Fillol, R. (2015). A Note on Optimal Airline Networks under Airport Congestion. Economic Letters, 128, 90-94.
      • Fageda, X., Suau-Sánchez, P., Mason, K. (2015). The evolving low-cost business model: network implications of fare bundling and connecting flights. Journal of Air Transport Management, 42, 289-296.
      • Calzada, J., Fageda, X. (2014). Competition and Public Service Obligations in European Aviation Markets. Transportation Research-A, 70, 104-116.
      • Fageda, X. (2014). What hurts the dominant airlines at hub airports?. Transportation Research-E, 70, 177-189.
      • Fageda, X., Jiménez, J.L, Suárez-Alemán (2014). A. Assessing airlines: Quality as a competitive variable. International Journal of Transport Economics, 41 (3), 425-438.
      • Fageda, X., Perdiguero, J. (2014). An empirical analysis of a merger between a network and low-cost airlines, Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 48(1), 81-96.
      • Calzada, J., Fageda, X. (2012). Public services obligations in the airline market: Lessons from Spain, Review of Industrial Organization, 40 (4), 291-312.
      • Fageda, X., Flores-Fillol, R.. (2012). On the optimal distribution of traffic of network airlines, European Economic Review, 56 (6), 1164-1179.
      • Fageda,X., Jiménez, J.L., Díaz, C. (2012). Fare differences between domestic and international air markets on routes from Gran Canaria. Journal of Air Transport Management, 25, 8-10.
      • Fageda, X., Jiménez, J.L, Perdiguero, J. (2011), Price rivalry in airline markets: A successful strategy of a network carrier against a low-cost carrier. Journal of Transport Geography, 19(4), 658-669.
      • Bilotkach, V., Fageda, X., Flores-Fillol, R. (2010). Scheduled service versus personal transportation: The role of distance, Regional Science and Urban Economics, 40 (1), 60-72.
      • Fageda, X., Fernández-Villadangos, L. (2009) “Triggering competition in the Spanish airline market: the role of airport capacity and low cost carriers”, Journal of Air Transport Management, 15 (1), 36-40.
      • Fageda, X. (2009), “Infrastructure dominance in short-haul air transport markets”, Revista de Economía Aplicada, 49 (XVII), 135-156.
      • Fageda, X. (2006), Measuring conduct and cost parameters in the Spanish airline market, Review of Industrial Organization, 28 (4), 379-399.


    Regional impacts of transportation

      • Fageda, X., Suárez, A., Serebrisky, T., Reinaldo, F. Estimating the Impact of Public Policies Worldwide on Air Connectivity in Remote Regions, Regional Studies, forthcoming.
      • Calzada, J., Fageda, X. Route expansion in the European air transport market, Regional Studies, forthcoming.
      • Fageda, X. (2017). International air travel and foreign direct investments: Evidence from Barcelona. Journal of Regional Science, 57, 858-883.
      • Fageda, X., González-Aregall, M.(2017) Do all transport modes impact on industrial employment? Empirical evidence from Spanish regions. Transport Policy, 55, 70-78.
      • Albalate, D., Fageda, X. (2016). High-tech employment and transportation: Evidence from the European regions. Regional Studies, 50, 1564-1578.
      • Albalate, D., Fageda, X. (2016). High Speed Rail and Tourism: Empirical evidence from Spain, Transportation Research-A, 85, 174-185.
      • Fageda, X., Flores-Fillol, R. (2016) How do airlines react to airport congestion? The role of networks. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 56, 73-81
      • Albalate, D., Bel, G., Fageda, X. (2015) When supply travels far beyond demand: Institutional and regulatory causes of oversupply in Spain’s transport infrastructure. Transport Policy, 41, 80-89.
      • Castillo-Manzano, J.I, Fageda, X., González-Laxe, F. (2014) An analysis of the determinants of cruise traffic: An empirical application to the Spanish port system. Transportation Research-E, 66, 115-125.
      • Castillo-Manzano, J.I., Fageda, X. (2014) How are investments allocated in a publicly-owned port system? Political factors vs. economic criteria, Regional Studies, 48 (7), 1279-1294.
      • Albalate, D., Bel, G., Fageda, X. (2013) Joint versus Single Management of Large Transport Infrastructures, Ocean and Coastal Management, 71, 163-169.
      • Bilotkach, V., Fageda, X., Flores-Fillol, R. (2013) Airline Consolidation and the Distribution of Traffic between Primary and Secondary Hubs. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 43 (6), 951-963.
      • Sismandou, A., Tarradellas, J., Bel, G., Fageda, X. (2013). Estimating potential long-haul air passenger traffic in national networks containing two or more dominant cities. Journal of Transport Geography, 26(1), 108-116.
      • Albalate, D., Bel., G., Fageda, X. (2012), Beyond the efficiency-equity dilemma: Centralization as a determinant of government investment in infrastructure, Papers in Regional Science, 91(3), 599-615.
      • Fageda, X., Flores-Fillol, R. (2012). Air services on thin routes: Regional versus low-cost airlines, Regional Science and Urban Economics, 42 (4), 702-714.
      • Bel, G., Fageda, X. (2010). Intercontinental fligths from European airports: Towards hub concentration or not?. International Journal of Transport Economics, 37(2), 133-153.
      • Bel, G. & X. Fageda (2009), “Preventing competition because of “solidarity”: Rhetoric and reality of airport investments in Spain”, Applied Economics, 41(22), 2853-2865.
      • Bel, G. & X. Fageda (2008), “Getting There Fast: Globalization, Intercontinental Flights and Location of Headquarters”, Journal of Economic Geography, 8 (4), 471-495.


    Road Safety

      • Castro-Nuño,M., Castillo-Manzano, J.I., Fageda, X (2018). The role of road safety in a sustainable urban mobility: An econometric assessment of the Spanish cities. International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, 12, 205-217.
      • Castillo-Manzano,J.I.,Castro-Nuño, M., Fageda., López-Valpuesta, L. (2017) An assessment of the effects of alcohol consumption and prevention policies on road accident rates. Transportation Research-F, 50, 38-49.
      • Castillo-Manzano, J.I., Castro-Nuño, M., Fageda, X. (2016), Exploring the relationship between truck load capacity and traffic accidents in the European Union, Transportation Research-E, 88, 94-109.
      • Castillo-Manzano, J.I., Castro-Nuño, M., Fageda, X. (2015). Can cars and trucks coexist peacefully on highways? Analyzing the effectiveness of road safety policies in Europe, Accident Analysis and Prevention, 77, 120-126.
      • Castillo-Manzano, J.I., Castro-Nuño, M., Fageda, X. (2015). Are traffic violators criminals? Searching for answers in experiences of European countries. Transport Policy, 38, 86-94.
      • Castillo-Manzano, J.I., Castro-Nuño, M., Fageda, X. (2014). Can health public expenditure reduce the tragic consequences of road traffic accidents? The EU-27 experience. European Journal of Health Economics, 15 (6), 645-652.
      • Castillo-Manzano, J.I., Castro-Nuño, M., Fageda, X. (2014). Could being in the European Union save lives? An econometric analysis of the 3rd European Road Safety Action Program. Journal of European Public Policy, 21 (2), 211-229

    Competition & regulation 

      • Fageda, X., González-Aregall, M. What drives European port traffic? The role of competition. International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics, forthcoming
      • Fageda, X., Rubio, R., Termes, M. (2018) Deployment of broadband platforms: Empirical evidence of a regulation failure, Revista de Economía Aplicada, 76 (Vol. XXVI), 1-24.
      • Fageda, X., Sansano, S. (2018) Factors influencing prices and frequencies in the interurban bus market: Evidence from Europe, Transportation Research-A, 111, 266-276
      • Bernardo, V., Fageda, X., Termes, M. (2015) Do droughts have long-term effects on water consumption? Evidence from the urban area of Barcelona. Applied Economics, 47 (48), 5131-5146.
      • Fageda, X., González-Aregall, M. (2014). Port Charges in Spain: The roles of regulation and market forces, International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics, 6(2), 152-171.
      • Fageda, X., Rubio, R., Termes, M. (2014) Determinants of Broadband Access: Is Platform Competition always the Key Variable to Success?. Information Economics and Policy, 26(1), 58-67.
      • Bel, G., Fageda, X. (2013). Market power, competition and post-privatization regulation: Evidence from changes in regulatory design of European airports, Journal of Economic Policy Reform, 16 (2), 123-141.
      • Bel, G., Fageda, X. (2011), La reforma del modelo de gestión de aeropuertos en España: ¿Gestión conjunta o individual?, Hacienda Pública Española, 196, 109-130.
      • Bel, G., Fageda, X. (2011), Big guys eat big cakes: Firm size and contracting in urban and rural areas. International Public Management Journal, 14 (1), 4-26.
      • Bel, G., Fageda, X. (2010). Privatization, regulation and airport pricing: An empirical analysis for Europe. Journal of Regulatory Economics, 37 (2), 142-161.
      • Albalate, D., Bel, G., Fageda, X. (2009). Privatization and regulatory reform of toll motorways in Europe, Governance, 22 (2), 295-318



      • Bel,G.,Fageda, X. (2017) What have we learnt after three decades of empirical studies on factors driving local privatization?, Local Government Studies, 43 (4), 503-511
      • Albalate, D., Bel, G., Fageda, X. (2014). Beyond pure public and pure private management models: Partial privatization in the European Airport Industry. International Public Management Journal, 17 (3), 308-327.
      • Bel, G., Fageda, X., Mur, M. (2014) Does cooperation reduce service delivery costs? Evidence from residential solid waste services, Journal of Public Administration, Research and Theory, 24 (1), 85-10.
      • Bel, G., Fageda, X., Mur, M. (2013) Why do municipalities cooperate to provide local public services? An empirical analysis, Local Government Studies, 39(3), 435-454.
      • Bel, G., Fageda, X., Warner, M. (2010). What happened to costs savings from privatization? A meta-regression analysis for solid waste and water services, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 29 (3), 553-577. [Best academic article 2010 – US Academy of Management (Public & Nonprofit Division)].
      • Bel, G., Dijkgraaf, E., Fageda, X., Gradus, R. (2010). Similar problems, different solutions: Comparing refuse collection in the Netherlands and Spain, Public Administration, 88(2),479-495.
      • Bel, G. & Fageda,X. (2010) Choosing hybrid organizations for local services delivery: An empirical analysis of partial privatization, Local Government Studies, 36(1),129-149.
      • Bel, G. & Fageda,X. (2010). Empirical analysis of solid management waste costs: Some evidence from Galicia, Spain. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 54 (1), 187-193.
      • Bel, G., Fageda, X., Mur, M. (2010). ¿Por qué se privatizan servicios en los municipios (pequeños)? Evidencia empírica sobre residuos sólidos y agua, Hacienda Pública Española, 192, 33-58.
      • Bel, G. & Fageda,X.(2009). Factors explaining local privatization: a meta-regression analysis, Public Choice, 139 (1-2/April), 105-119.
      • Bel, G. & X. Fageda (2008), Local privatization, intermunicipal cooperation, transaction costs and political interests: Evidence from Spain, Journal of Economic Policy Reform, 11 (1), 45-66.
      • Bel, G, & X. Fageda (2007), Why do local governments privatize local services? A survey of empirical studies, Local Government Studies, 33 (4), 517-534.


  • Working Papers

      • Bernardo,V., Fageda, X. Globalization, long-haul flights and inter-city connections.
      • Bernardo, V, Fageda, Flores-Fillol, R. How can urban congestion be mitigated?: Low emission zones vs congestion tolls
      • Fageda, X., Flores-Fillo, R., Hsin Lin, M. Vertical differentiation and airline alliances: The effect of antitrust immunity
      • Castillo-Manzano, J.I., Castro-Nuño, M., Fageda, X. An analysis of the safety externalities of cross-border “mega trucks” traffic in the European market
      • Fageda,X.,Olivieri, C. Transport Infrastructure and Economic Growth: a Spatial Panel Data Approach




      • Bel, G., & X. Fageda (2009), Bones pràctiques en gestió aerportuària, Fundació Catalunya Europa.
      • Bel, G., & X. Fageda (2007), Aeroports i Poder, Edicions 62.

    Chapters of books

      • Fageda, X., Flores-Fillol, R. (2017) Airport congestion and airline network structure in Bitzan.,J., Peoples, J.H. Advances in airline economics, sixth volume. The Economics of airport operations, 335-359.
      • Fageda, X, González-Aregall, M. (2017). Port governance reforms in Spain, in Beresford, A., Pettit, S.  Port Management: Cases in Port Geography, Operations and Policy, chapter 4. Kogan Page.
      • Fageda, X. (2013), Airline competition in liberalized markets: Effects on thin routes, in Forsyth, P., Gillen, D., Hüschelrath, K., Niemeier, H.M., Wolf, H. Liberalization in Aviation: Competition, Cooperation and Public Policy. Ashgate, 91-106.
      • Fageda, X. (2013), “La (NO) competencia entre aeropuertos en España” in Merino, A. (coord.), Regulación y competencia: En busca de efectos no deseados, Autoritat Catalana de la Competència, 209-216.
      • Bel, G, & X. Fageda (2010), “Perspectives de la competència entre aeroports i efectes potencials per a l’Euram”, in Llibre Blanc de les infraestructures de l’Euram Volum 3, Edicions 3i4, 23-40.
      • Bel, G, & X. Fageda (2009), “Análise dos custos do servizo de recollida de residuos sólidos en Galicia”, in Estudo económico sobre a optimización da prestación dos servizos públicos locais en Galicia, Xunta de Galicia, 57-90.
      • Bel, G, & X. Fageda (2008), “La dinámica de vuelos intercontinentales desde aeropuertos europeos”, in Anuario de la movilidad, Fundación RACC.
      • Albalate, D. & X. Fageda (2007), “Carreteras de gran capacidad en Europa: Regulación de precios y contratos de concesión”, in Anuario de la movilidad, Fundación RACC, 107-116.
      • Bel, G, & X. Fageda (2007) “Airport management and airline competition in OECD countries” in Fichert, F., Haucap, J. and K. Rommel (eds.), Competition Policy in Network Industry. LIT-Verlag, 81-98.
      • Bel, G, & X. Fageda (2007), “La contractació externa de serveis locals a la província de Barcelona”, in Informe Territorial de la Província de Barcelona, Diputació de Barcelona, 193-207.
      • Bel, G, & X. Fageda (2007), “Aeropuertos, movilidad y crecimiento económico”, in Anuario de la movilidad, Fundación RACC, 141-150.
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      • Bel, G, Calzada, J. & X.Fageda (2006), “Liberalización en los servicios públicos de red” in Ll. Cases, Dir., Anuario de la Competencia 2005.  Fundación ICO/Marcial Pons,  177-208.
      • Bel, G. & X. Fageda (2005), “Is a mixed funding model for the highway network sustainable over time?” in Ragazzi, G and W. Rothengatter (eds.), Procurement and Financing of Motorways in Europe. Elsevier, 195-211.


      • Castillo-Manzano, J.I., Castro-Nuño, M., Fageda, X., González-Aregall, M. (2016). Evaluating the effects of the latest changes in Spanish port legislation: another “turn of the screw” in port reform? Case Studies in Transport Policy, 4, 170-177.
      • Fageda, X. (2014). És possible que l’aeroport de Barcelona sigui un hub?, Revista Econòmica de Catalunya, 70, 80-88.
      • Fageda, X. (2014). An empirical assessment of the merger between Iberia, Clickair and Vueling, Cuadernos Económicos del ICE, 88, 77-95.
      • Bilotkach, V., Fageda,X. (2013). The public interest of the hub operation at schiphol. Position paper for Airneth.
      • Bel, G. & X. Fageda (2008), “La reforma del modelo de financiación y gestión de los aeropuertos en España: Lecciones de la experiencia internacional”,Revista Econòmica de Catalunya, 58, 6-22.
      • Bel, G. & X. Fageda (2007), “Implicacions de la gestió centralitzada dels aeroports a Espanya”, Revista Econòmica de Catalunya, 55, 32-44.
      • Bel, G. & X. Fageda (2006), “Between privatization and intermunicipal cooperation: Small municipalities, scale economies and transaction costs”, Urban Public Economics Review, 6, 13-31.
      • Bel, G. & X. Fageda (2006), “Perspectives aeroportuàries a Catalunya”, Nota d’Economia, 83-84, 107-122.
      • Bel, G, J. Calzada & X.Fageda (2006), “Liberalización y competencia en España: ¿Dónde estamos?”,  Información Comercial Española, 0 (829), 123-144

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                    • Email:
                    • Tel. +34.934039721
                    • Universitat de Barcelona. Facultat d’Economia i Empresa. Departament de Política Econòmica i Estructura Econòmica Mundial, Av. Diagonal 690, Torre 6, 08034 Barcelona

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