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Imatge de diagramació Imatge de diagramació Imatge de diagramació Imatge de diagramació
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--------The laboratory UBXLAB was founded initially at the beginning of the eighties by Professor Javier Tejada. The first works were performed using both Mössbauer spectroscopy and paramagnetic susceptibility measurements using a the Faraday force. In 1986 we did our first big efforts to modernize our equipments by buying a SQUID magnetometer which rwas helping us a lot in working in both magnetism (hexaferrites and single domain particles) and high temperature superconductors. In the nineties we move to lower temperatures (mK) and we also did big efforts in moving to the field of microwaves and their interactiuon with magentis systems. From those years 1989 to 1998 come our pionnering works and publications on the study of the tunneling of both the magnetic moment of single domain particles and the spin of molecular magnets. At the beginning of the new century we introduce the idea of the study molecular magnets when they are excited by microwaves and lately by surface acoustic waves. The aims during these years was the search of superradiance coming from the demagnetizing process of molecular magnets and the interaction of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by these nanomagnets with cavities and superconductors mirrors. In the case of the interaction of spins with surface acoustic waves our aim was to look for new quantum phenomena by performing high frequency magnetoacoustic experiments. We want also to mention our intense work during these years on different magnetic molecules and our objective to correlate their magnetic properties with their functionalization.

--------During all these years the group has published around 300 papers and got around 3.600 citations. The number of invited talks given in universities, research centers and international meetings is 120. During all these years we have participated in 25 research programs with the financial support of the catalan, spanish and european governments. Our main collaborators along these years have been groups from EEUU and different countries of Europe.

--------An important point to mention is our collaboration with different enterprises with the aim to generate intellectual property. The case is that during the last ten years we are inventors of 12 international patents being the owners those enterprises, spanish and international, with which we did collaborate. In that sense deserves to mention our intense and fruitful collaboration with Xerox Corporation.

Research lines

Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling of the Magnetic Moment on SDP (1992)

Resonant Spin Tunneling in Molecular Magnets (1996)

Spin Quantum Coherence in Molecules (1999)

Superradiance Emission (2003)

Projects and networks

Título del proyecto o contrato Entidad financiadora y
referencia del proyecto
Periodo de vigencia o fecha de la solicitud (2)
Fenómenos cuánticos y generación de microondas CICYT IN90-0027
1997-2000 (C)
Efecto túnel resonante de espín y absorción de microondas MEC PB96-0169 1997-2002 (C)
Nano free-rotor magnets for electronic components Unión Europea
1998-2000 (C)
Verificación experimental de la emisión,
coherente e incoherente, de microondas
por moléculas magnéticas
MEC 2FD97-1264MAT 1999-2001 (C)
(Ayuda a grupos de investigación consolidados)
Generalitat de Catalunya
1999-2000 (C)
(Ayuda a grupos de investigación consolidados)
Generalitat de Catalunya
2000-2001 (C)
Magnetic systems as candidates
for quantum computing hardware
Unión Europea
2000-2001 (C)
Nanotechnology and magnetic qubits
to implement quantum computation
Unión Europea
2002-2004 (C)
Self-Organised Complex-Spin Magnetic Nanostructures Unión Europea
2005-2008 (C)

Interesting data

Published papers 267
Citations over 3000
International patents
Invited talks
56 the last 10 years
Ph Dissertations
Technological projects with industries 15


Job opportunities


Imatge de diagramació
Imatge de diagramació Imatge de diagramació Imatge de diagramació Imatge de diagramació
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