Dear Colleague,

The Department of Economic Policy at the University of Barcelona in Spain invites proposed contributions to a symposim on mixed forms of service delivery around the globe.

The purpose of the symposium is to draw on research in different context to improve our collective understanding of a variety of aspects of mixed forms os service delivery. We are particulary interested in papers that examine the factors that give rise to mixed forms of service delivery and how these factors impact their design and operation. We are also interested in papers that explain the performance of mixed forms of service delivery relative to more conventional arrangements like contracted or direct service delivery.

Papers proposals of no more than two pages in length should be submitted to:

For more information consult Call for Papers.



Symposium Organizers:

The Pasqual Maragall Chair ( Càtedra Pasqual Maragall d'Economia i Territori). University of Barcelona

The Research Group on Governments and Markets (Grup de Recerca en Governs i Mercats, GIM-IREA). University of Barcelona, XREAP