Gracmon - Grup de Recerca en Història de l'Art i del Disseny Contemporanis


I-Media-Cities is an ambitious and innovative research project led by 9 European cultural institutions (film and audiovisual archives from 8 countries), to share, provide access to, and use their digital content, turning it into the lever of novel approaches to multidisciplinary research, to business innovation and to the overall accessibility of the European cultural heritage. As an experimental innovation action, the project focuses on the digital content that refers to cities. I-Media-Cities strives to be a cross-border, cross-language platform for the study of the history and urban development of large EU cities through large media collections previously non accessible, and the study of the history of Media through the way they depicted urban spaces. I-Media-Cities would not be possible without the funding of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.

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