Teaching plan for the course unit



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General information


Course unit name: Companies in Emerging Sectors

Course unit code: 570104

Academic year: 2017-2018

Coordinator: Maria Esther Hormiga Perez

Department: Department of Business

Credits: 2,5

Single program: S



Estimated learning time

Total number of hours 62.5


Face-to-face learning activities



-  Lecture with practical component



Supervised project


Independent learning




Competences to be gained during study


— Ability to analyse myths related to business creation and entrepreneurship.

— Ability to recognize challenges during the new venture creation process.

— Ability to recognize an emerging industry.





Learning objectives


Referring to knowledge

— To be able to identify an emerging industry.

— To analyse cases of companies created in emerging sectors.



Teaching blocks


1. Emerging industries

*  Concept and definitions

* Classification of emerging industries

2. Business cases in emerging industries

3. Context for business creation



Teaching methods and general organization


The sessions take the form of lectures on theory, talks by entrepreneurs and student’s presentations. 

Students must access the Virtual Campus to share information with the lecturer. 



Official assessment of learning outcomes


Continuous assessment is the recommended method to properly assess the learning outcomes for the subject:

The final grade is calculated as follows:

• Class participation: participation during activities, tasks, attendance, etc.: 30%

• Group task: 70%

All the information about the activities can be found in the Virtual Campus.


Examination-based assessment

Single assessment consists of an examination with open-answer questions.



Reading and study resources

Consulteu la disponibilitat a CERCABIB


Raposo, M., Smallbone, D., Balaton, K., & Hortoványi, L. (Eds.). (2011). Entrepreneurship, growth and economic development. Edward Elgar Publishing.

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Sarasvathy, S. D. (2009). Effectuation: Elements of entrepreneurial expertise. Edward Elgar Publishing, London.

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Woolley, J. L. (2014). The creation and configuration of infrastructure for entrepreneurship in emerging domains of activity. Entrepreneurship theory and practice38(4), 721-747.

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Forbes, D. P., & Kirsch, D. A. (2011). The study of emerging industries: Recognizing and responding to some central problems. Journal of Business Venturing26(5), 589-602.

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Electronic text

Monfardini, E., Probst, L., Szenci, K., Cambier, B., & Frideres, L. (2012). Emerging industries: report on the methodology for their classification and on the most active, significant and relevant new emerging industrial sectors. Extension of the European Cluster Observatory, Promoting better policies to develop world-class clusters in Europe. European Union, July, 20-22.

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