Teaching plan for the course unit


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General information


Course unit name: Advanced Databases

Course unit code: 572668

Academic year: 2017-2018

Coordinator: Enric Biosca Trias

Department: Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Credits: 3

Single program: S



Estimated learning time

Total number of hours 75


Face-to-face learning activities



-  Lecture with practical component




-  Practical exercises




-  Document study





Teaching blocks


1. Big Data Architectures & Storage

2. Datawarehouse & Analytical Databases

3. NoSQL Databases



Teaching methods and general organization


The sessions will combine theory and practice to consolidate student’s knowledge.



Official assessment of learning outcomes


Continuous evaluation system through delivery of exercises and practices during sessions.

One homework for main topic at least


Examination-based assessment

The student must deliver the same exercises as those performed in the continuous evaluation