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Dades generals


Nom de l'assignatura: Analítica Empresarial

Codi de l'assignatura: 572672

Curs acadèmic: 2020-2021

Coordinació: Mariano Yagüez Insa

Departament: Departament d'Empresa

crèdits: 3

Programa únic: S



Hores estimades de dedicació

Hores totals 75


Activitats presencials i/o no presencials



-  Teoricopràctica

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Aprenentatge autònom






In general the best approach to succed in this course is participation in class through general business cases discusion, so it’s recommended to prepare this cases and excercises prior to sessions



Competències que es desenvolupen


To be able to understand the relation beetwen data science and business

To be able to work in a team.

To be able to analyze the economic value of business insights.





Objectius d'aprenentatge


Referits a coneixements

Data sciense must be totaly related with benefits. In social environmet these result should be related with impact in a better living environment for citzens and in business the results should be related with increase in benefits. The objective ot this course is to have methodoly ant tools to analyze these results in social and business environments.



Blocs temàtics





What is Business Analytics?


Impact of Business Analytics in a Company. General approach


Business Analytics impact in Marketing


Business Analytics impact in Human Resource Management and Organization Models


How to evaluate new opportunities


Impact of Business Analytics in different sectors: New Business and transformation



Metodologia i activitats formatives


All sessions will be developed through practical examples and basic theorical approach of methodoly and tools of business management.



Avaluació acreditativa dels aprenentatges


Two exercises to be presented in class. 20% each.

Global participation in class. 20%

Final evaluation: 40%


Avaluació única

Final evaluation: 100%