14th EASA Biennial Conference, European Association of Social Anthropologists, July 20-23 2017, Milano

  • Homs, P., Mayor, A. And Flores-Pons, G. (2016)  “The change of scale, a lever for agroecological cooperatives sustainability” Panel “Food values in Europe”


  • Leidereiter, C. & Loperfido, G. (2016) “Entrepreneurialism” and the Politics of De-politization in Post-fordist Settings. Vale do Ave (Portugal) and Veneto (Italy).


  • Narotzky, S. (2016) Plenary Speaker, “Competition and equality or monopoly and privilege: Two faces of capitalist accumulation, the case of Southern Europe”


  • Palomera, J. (2016) “Au revoir, the middle class? The paradoxes of financialization in Greece and Spain”


  • Sarkis Fernández, D. (2016) Paper “Is unemployment contributing to capital accumulation?: the case of agricultural daily(unemployed)workers in Vélez Málaga”