Greece before the eurogroup meeting

On Sunday A.Tsipras announced the basic goals of the program of the new government.

Alexis Tsipras: Excerpts from programmatic statements in the Greek Parliament.

All these three days there is a continues discussion in the parliament and today, at about midnight, the government will ask for the vote of confidence of the parliament in order to continue with their program.

According to an extensive poll 59% of the people would give the vote of confidence to the government while 34% would not and 7% did not reply.

According to the same poll 75% of the people in Greece agree with the way the Government is handling the negotiations with EU, 15% does not agree and 10% did not reply.

Tomorrow 11/02/2015 there is a call for protests and mobilizations all over Greece, at the time that the finance minister Y.Varoufakis will be meeting with Eurogroup.

There is also an international call for mobilizations all over the world for Sunday 15.02

Here is the map of already announced protests.

Olga Lafazani