Patrícia Matos

  • Matos, Patrícia (2016) “Gender commodification and precarity in Portuguese call centres: the (re)production of inequality” in Déjà Lu by World Council Anthropological Associations, 4. Invited reprint by the editorial board of Etnográfica. Article selected to represent the journal in 2014.
  • Matos, P. (monograph contract signed in October 2017) Disciplined Agency. Precarity and Dispossession in the Neoliberal Service Economy. Manchester University Press

    Matos, P. (2018), “Precarity, gender capital, and structures of (dis) empowerment in the neoliberal service economy” in Megha Amrith and Nina Sahraoui (eds), Gender, Work and Migration: Agency in Gendered Labour Settings, London: Routledge