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“Women and journalism”, the colloquium about the role of women in mass media


Whitin the framework of the subject ‘The XXI century press’, taught by the teacher Marta Lasalas during the first quarter of thirth grade, the students Judit Martínez, Paula Sanahuja, Marta Serra and Adriana Oriol decided to conduct a colloquium that covered the women situation in the current journalism, which had a very good reception and generated an interesting debate and an active public participation.

The collaborating women of the colloquium, that took place in december the 13th in the aula Capella of the University of Barcelona, were the journalists Núria Casas, Laia Serra and Aurora Segura. The event was moderated by the students Judit Martínez and Marta Serra and recorded by Paula Sanahuja and Adriana Oriol. They discussed key topics like gender segregation, which positions the male journalists in the “tough” actual topics such as humor and sports, and women are being relegated on a second place by treating “soften” topics like society or fasion; the self-censorship that, sometimes, women impose to themselves, or the genre quota and the percentage of women that work in powerful journalistic positions.

During the colloquium, the guests discussed that “this profession (journalism) has the privilege of changing society’s point of view, but a big change is needed. Meanwhile, the women clichés would rest immobile if that women that are working on an important and higher position act from a masculin point of view, because of the self-censorship or to avoid social questioning”. According to what Aurora Serra said, we need to keep on learning and being aware of the change that is about to came and can start, for example, with the lenguage.

Dones i periodisme

Dones i periodisme

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