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The students of ‘Genres and Formats of Oral Communication’ end the academic year with video projects about vulnerable groups due to COVID-19



With the objective of promoting activities aimed at evaluating public speaking skills, and in the current context of non-classroom teaching, the students of the subject ‘Genres and Formats of Oral Communication’ of the Degree in Communication and Cultural Industries have produced a set of videos addressing vulnerable groups in the exceptional situation due to COVID-19.

The activity they have carried out, which is part of the evaluation of the subject, has had two parts: in the first one, the students have grouped together to make confined videos that could be useful for vulnerable groups; in the second one, the groups have shown the videos in the virtual class and have applied the oral argument in the context they are living. Through this work, therefore, both aspects of social impact and the improvement of oral expression skills have been addressed.

The students have taken the task very seriously and with great interest. Without a doubt, working on a real and current issue, and with a clear social objective has motivated them to develop projects with great commitment and creativity.

The second year subject ‘Genres and Formats of Oral Communication’, taught by professors Josefina Carrera-Sabaté and Alba Jiménez, is eminently practical, and combines oral expression with personal introspection and the analysis of internal and external factors that are connected with oral communication.

Here is a small selection of the projects:

Història de vida, made by Kelsey Álvarez, Laia Sardà and Mireia Morales

El valor real, made by Lidia Carreras, Sílvia Casas and Cinta Paloma

Coratge de seguir, made by Joana Andreu, Maria Briansó and Ànnia Mulero

Desubicats, made by Ayla Fernández, Mar de la Pinta, Laia Egea and Daphne Bos

Damnum, made by Rosa Mesia, Ariadna Arenyes and Georgina Mulet

Víctimes de la violència domèstica durant la quarantena, made by Martina Fernández, Berta Vitrià, Olivia Marsella and Laia Auzmendi

Sinhogarismo, made by Raquel Berlinches, Maria Corbera and Alexia Manresa

Con amor, vuestros nietos, made by Eva Molina, Ruth Martin, Anna Bozal and David Hurtado

Sanitarios, made by Mateu Marcen, Emilio Blanco, Gerard Puig, Luis Franco and David Rentero

Si todos sumamos, saldremos de esta, made by Joan Bermejo, Sergiu Nista, Raquel Hidalgo and Alicia Grima

Les petites coses, made by Marta Fonolleras, Meritxell Enrich, Júlia Brustenga and Katia Ruiz

Mentre la primavera creix, made by Clara Castellà, Maria Mora, Carlota Benet and Màrian Aguadé

Vincles: (con)viure en la distància, made by Maria González Duch, Aina Lino and Carla Playà

Estar bé, made by Ainhoa Quintana Muñoz, Escarlata Reig and Maria Rovira

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