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‘TV and radio’ students elaborate an informative bulletin


On Tuesday, May the 21st, and Thursday, May the 23th, and in the frame of the subject ‘Television and radio at the 21st century’ imparted by the teachers Meritxell Martínez and Alejandro Vallejo, the students of third course had the opportunity to realise an informative of television at the installations of the Faculty of Philology, rooms ceded by Barcelona’s University.

The students had to create groups of work of 15 persons for, later, deliver the own tasks of the realisation of an informative bulletin: presenters, editors, publishers, cameras, technicians of sound, stage managers, directors and editing team.

To speed up the organisation of the activity, each one of the groups had 1 hour and 15 minutes of time for the preparation and the recording of the informative, that had to have an approximate length of 10 minutes. The groups of the morning prepared the studio at the Capella room with the aid of the teacher Meritxell Martínez, and the two groups of the evening used the Gabriel Oliver room accompanied by the teacher Alejandro Vallejo. Both groups had the audiovisual support of the Technical Unit team to mount and supervise the material.

They all did a great job, and the results were very satisfactory. Due to this experience, they were able to work closely and discover the television world.



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